Stay in Japan to discover different restaurant concepts

Gastronomy is one of the elements that will mark you during your trip to Japan. You will discover a rich culinary tradition there. In fact, there is no shortage of restaurants there. However, there are several types that offer some of the most iconic foods commonly found in the country. Here is an article that will give you an overview of the different kinds of Japanese restaurants.

The Izakaya

Eating in the izakaya is an interesting experience to do during a stay in Japan. This type of restaurant is very popular with Japanese people because the atmosphere is very friendly and authentic. It’s a bit like pubs or brasseries, but Japanese style. We go there to eat delicious dishes while drinking alcoholic aperitifs. You can taste korokke croquettes or the famous edamame (soybean). To accompany the dishes there are tea, sodas, beer and sake.

Sushi restaurants

Sushi is certainly Japan's popular specialty. In addition, you will find many types of sushi restaurants there. We can cite for example the sushi bars where you will eat directly standing at the counter. There are also rolling sushi restaurants. In this case, it's the food itself that scrolls past you on a conveyor belt. Then you just have to choose what you want. It’s a very busy place! In addition, expect to discover a presentation of small gastronomic works of art.

The Maid Café

The Maid Cafe are very popular themed decorated cafes where there are waitresses dressed in typical maid uniforms. They go out in the street to do canvassing by distributing a leaflet or presenting a brochure of the cafe for which she works. These places mostly attract geeks and manga fans. You will be able to eat and drink while enjoying various activities, games and songs performed by the maids.

The Yatai

If you really want traditional, it is advisable to eat in the yatai. These are the stands of mobile and fast restaurants. These stalls are often demountable tents or even carts. In any case, that makes the charm of the country! You will find it especially during the days of markets and festivals in temples and shrines. You will have the opportunity to drink sake and eat okonomiyaki (Japanese savory pancakes), yakitori (chicken skewer), takoyaki (octopus balls), oden (Japanese stew), kakigori (Japanese crushed ice), amaguri (roasted chestnuts), or even hakata râmen (pork noodles).

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