Make a success of your preparations with a microwave oven

Microwave oven preparation

The microwave oven is one of the greatest innovations in the kitchen world with its features adapted to the needs of households, restaurants and commercial establishments. At first glance, it is designed to adapt to all the user's manipulations, but the complexity of the microwave process requires some precautions in the manipulations carried out. The efficiency of the microwave oven imposes a few conditions on the objects used and the cooking techniques.

Maintenance and compatible accessories

There are some items that should never be used with a microwave.This is the case with metal bowls or utensils.This material tends to reflect the waves generated by the device to excite the molecules of an object.This wave is returned to the microwave generator, which can burn out the internal circuits of the oven.Glass, plastic and ceramic containers should also be avoided if they are not microwaveable.Remember to clean the inside of the oven regularly with a clean cloth and detergent.If you don't have a cloth, use toilet paper or a clean tea towel.How to choose a microwave oven“)

Food Cooking Method

It is difficult to set a cooking time for several foods placed in the microwave since they will not all cook the same. The denser the food, the more it will heat up differently from food that has more liquid. Cooking a solid, dense food like steak or potatoes is very different from cooking soup or stew. Soup will heat up much faster, but it will also cool much faster. As for meat and other dense dishes, they will follow an opposite pattern. This is why it is important to cook foods one at a time and in one batch.

Likewise, cooking with a microwave is not much different from cooking with gas or a wood fire since you have to stir the dish regularly during cooking. The microwave has a turntable so that the waves can reach all sections of the food. This device does not, however, prevent certain parts of the dish from not being heated sufficiently. This is why it is important to stir dishes well during cooking.

Finally, heat the dishes until boiling or steaming. Heating food should be at least 75 degrees Celsius. Make sure the microwave safe dish is shallow and only 2 to 3 minutes left, depending on the dish to be prepared. It is necessary to check halfway that the preparation has good agitation. If it is not bubbling yet, it should be returned to the oven. The presence of a good bubble on the surface confirms that 75 ° C has been reached. So steam should come out when you open the container.

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