Top 10 Best All Terrain Skates 2018 

Thepurchase of an all-terrain rollerblade presents you with difficult choices and you are in dire need of help. Here is our top 10 best all-terrain skates, as well as our tests, reviews and buying guide.

Our # 1 choice
Landroller Terra 9 All Road Rollerblade Blue / Black Size 42
  • Soft shoe
  • Lace, strap and memory loop closure
  • Aluminum plate
  • Wheel (s) front 145mm 83A / rear 177mm 83A
Our choice n ° 2
YCHBOS Adult Roller Skate, Adult Adjustable All Terrain Inline Skates, Male Female Inline Skates with Flashing Patinswhite-41
  • ? Adjustable Size - Dimensions can be based on feet Size is adjusted. Feel more comfortable than ever! Note: The size is a reference table and there may be some minor errors. It is recommended to choose shoes with a size of 2cm (0.78in).
  • ? Tripple Protection - Our roller skates have a triple protection system, includes standard lace, Velcro strap and high strength buckle. Protect the safety, comfort and stability of children.
  • 8 Wheels Light Up - 8 PVC wheels and ABEC-7 bearings let you ride quickly and comfortably over most terrains. the wheels are designed as a self-generated power system, no batteries are needed.
  • Comfortable and breathable: 360 ° breathable, comfortable and wear-resistant lining, odor-resistant feet. Designed with breathable 3D honeycomb mesh for better breathability.
  • ? 100% SATISFACTION and MONEY BACK GUARANTEE - Your child's safety and satisfaction is our goal.
Our choice n ° 4
Skike V9 Fire 200 Cross Skates
  • Classic style roller skates with quick release and numerous adjustment possibilities, such as distance to the ground, foot height, leg position and heel height.
  • Premium lightweight aluminum rail with special alloy, 200mm air tires (8 inch Major Grip tires), 12 spoke rims and anti-reverse.
  • Fast and precise Abec 7 ball bearings are of high quality and easy to maintain.
  • In order to guarantee the necessary safety in road traffic and at sunset, the Skike V9 skates are equipped with reflective elements.
  • The special tire allows for long rides on the ground or on asphalt - and you can keep your own shoes.
Our choice n ° 5
Skike® V7 Plus Pro Cross-Skater Skates
  • Classic style all-terrain roller skates with quick release and numerous adjustment options, such as distance to the ground, foot height, leg position and heel attachment.
  • Lightweight, high-quality aluminum rail with special alloy, 150 mm.
  • Fast and precise Abec 7 ball bearings are of high quality and easy to maintain.
  • The special tire allows for long rides on the ground or on asphalt - and you can keep your own shoes.
PromoOur choice n ° 6
INTEY 5PCs Office Chair Casters, 11mm Swivel Wheels, 360 ° Silent Bearing, Abrasion Resistant, Scratch Protection
  • “Quiet and Smooth” Thanks to the PU material, the casters have a smooth flowing without annoying noise which therefore facilitates your movement on a chair or armchair. Unlike traditional PP casters, our PU casters are quieter. So don't worry about disturbing your family or your neighbor when you are working at night using our roulette wheel.
  • ? Sturdy and Strong? The outer circle of the caster is made of PU material which is very durable. The caster core is made of high intensity PP material so the caster set can bear the weight 120kg at most. Other parts are made of iron which can support your chair or armchair well.
  • ? Universal Casters? With a standard size (11MM SHAFT), this set of caster is compatible with most gaming chairs or chairs (EXCEPT IKEA 10mm chair). These casters raise the chair by approximately 3cm.
  • Scratch Free This set of casters with a special coating protects the floor from scratches and other damages that can be caused by classic carpet casters. It is specially designed for wooden floors, vinyl rugs and tiles. Smooth ride without leaving any trace on the ground.
  • ? 24 Month Guarantee? Buy with Confidence! Contact our after-sales service if you have any questions. ATTENTION Please ensure the dimensions before purchasing
Our choice n ° 7
Zéfal Extra Wet Lube 120 ML-Premium ceramic lubricant bicycle chain-Very Long cycling durability, Black-Blue
  • All conditions: effective whatever the conditions
  • Exceptional durability: effective over very long distances
  • Reduced friction: smoother pedaling and quieter transmission
  • High resistance to water: anticorrosion power. Extends the life of components
  • Drip SAFETY cap: easy application
Our choice n ° 8
Cardiff Skate Cruiser Youth - Adjustable Inline Skates - Lemon Yellow
  • This adjustable and detachable 3-wheel roller skate model offers incredible stability. A 4th wheel at the rear is used for braking.
  • More balanced and stable than traditional skates
  • Automatically adjusts to shoe size
  • Skate wearing your own shoes, grow taller with growing feet
  • Recommended for children 6 - 11 years old, covers sizes 30 to 37.
Our choice n ° 9
TOMSHOO - Ski Shorts - Padded Protection - Ski Pants - Outdoor Skating - Black - M
  • Size: S = waistline 21.6-66cm, M = waistline 24.4-31.5, L = waistline 26.0-34.6, XL = waistline 26.8-37 , 0cm, XXL = waistline 28.3-37.8 ". (This product has 1-2cm error).
  • ? Two breathable bands with a wide mesh on the front and on the inside of the thighs for better breathing, even after a long period of wear.
  • ? The EVA padding has strong impact resistance, so the shorts can effectively protect the glutes, tailbone, thighs and lumbar vertebrae from injury during exercise.
  • ? The Tomshoo ski shorts are made of extremely elastic and malleable spandex fiber, together with the improved wide jersey and extended velcro design, give you a good fit and great freedom of movement.
  • ? Convenient: The shorts provide good protection for outdoor activities such as skiing, ice skating, roller skating, ice skating, etc.
PromoOur choice n ° 10
2PM SPORTS Vinal Adjustable Size Kid Girl Rollerblades LED Light Wheels, Inline Skates for Kids, Girls and Women and Men - Medium (33-36EU)
  • CHILDREN IN LINE SKATES: Intended for children women and men and beginners and intermediates, very stable and ideal for learning.
  • ADJUSTABLE SIZE: Size adjustment thanks to the tightening buckles very easy to adjust. The kids roller skates can easily be adjusted in 4 sizes (size L (29-32); M (33-36); S (37-40)) - by the push of a button with just one click.
  • ? The 2PM SPORTS brand skates are light and sturdy with soft boots that adapt to the feet and shockproof PP cuffs for maximum stability. Sturdy and rigid outer shell with padded liner for more comfort. LED wheels offer optimal rolling behavior thanks to high quality wheels (70 mm / 82A) and ABEC-7 ball bearings. Pre-mounted brake (removable).
  • Sporty and modern design. For a touch of fun, maximum safety and comfort. Fastening system rapied the grid closure, the cam lever buckle, the strap strap with hook and loop closure, and the particularly child-friendly laces ensure a secure fit. absolutely secure hold.
  • ? Quality colorful packaging, ideal as a Christmas or birthday gift and useful as a storage box. Bestellen Sie mit Vertrauen aufgrund unserer 100% engierten Kunden - und Produkterfahrung.Jede Frage oder jedes Problem wird beantwortet und schnell gelöst.Wenn Sie aus irgendeinem Grund nicht hundertprozentig zufrieden sindicken, kehrenu sieur einfach Ficken, kehrenu sieur einemfach Ficken, kehrenu sieur einfach jetzt auf die Schaltfläche In den Warenkorb.Du wirst dich freuen!

Purchase guide

How to choose the best all-terrain rollerblading?

You want to get off the beaten track and reconnect with nature in your practice of rollerblading by getting thrills on uneven terrain. To do this, you will need to put on a pair of all-terrain skates. Yes, but you will have to choose the right one. Follow our buying advice.

A type of rollerblading apart

All terrain skates are intended for a specific use. Indeed, not at all suitable for driving on asphalt as this would accelerate the wear of the wheels, they are designed to skate on rocky, muddy, grassy, ??sandy soils or on dirt roads, such as on ATVs or off-road motorcycles.

Radically different from roller quad skates, this type of roller skates therefore also contrasts considerably with other inline skates used in roller racing, freestyle, figure skating, roller hockey, roller derby, rink hockey ... In short, a very different facet of urban practice of rollerblading, a kind of mix between "traditional" disciplines and other extreme sports such as snowboarding or kitesurfing for the places where they are practiced.

From this perspective, all-terrain rollerblading has certain specificities, making it the ideal roller for skating in the mountains, on the beach, or in a field. It is equipped with oversized wheels covered with a pneumatic system. This is what makes its main peculiarity since the appearance of the first models manufactured by the Rollerblade brand.

The diameter of all-terrain skates thus turns on average around 150mm. The principle adopted is that a Ferris wheel is admittedly less manoeuvrable, the center of gravity being quite high, but on the other hand it allows good rolling and wears less quickly.


However, there is not just one kind of all-terrain skating. We can find a few variations, depending on the intended use.

So, in enduro mode, rush on off-road two-wheeled skates. These are intended for a use roughly similar to what is found in cross-country skiing, and it is also for this reason that we speak of "roller skiing" or "Nordic skating. ". Some cross-country skiers use them for their training, such as in a summer ski resort.

Having some similarities with roller skiing, especially because their users are most of the time armed with poles and move as they would when skiing, these skates are recommended for long distance trips on dirt or forest roads. On the other hand, we do not recommend them for jumping, for sliding on terrain with obstacles such as freeriding (their frame being too low), as well as for a practice more focused on downhill, given their reduced maneuverability due to their wheelbase. (the length between the axles).

Obviously, these skates are fitted with large diameter wheels, from 150mm to 200mm in this case for certain models developed by Powerslide, Roces or Trailskate.

In terms of shoes (see our page dedicated to the roller shoe theme), while some skates are said to be mobile and slip on with your own tennis or outdoor shoes on the feet (they will then have an adjustable heel strap), others are overhung with a rigid shell, with a thermoformable liner on the interior, and including a quick tightening system or micrometric buckle.

Our # 1 choice
TOMSHOO Hip Pad Protection Shorts Protective Pants Cycling for Skating Snowboarding Skating Ski Roller Cycling MTB Motorcycle Downhill Handball Rugby
  • ? Breathable and comfortable? Two breathable mesh bands on the front and inner thighs for sweat and breathability. After improvement, the mesh fabric is softer and smoother on the skin. You will not feel itchy even after a long time of use.
  • Wide EVA Protection: Thanks to its high impact resistance, the EVA ski shorts effectively protect buttocks, tailbone, thighs and lumbar vertebrae from injuries during exercise.
  • ? Design Adjustable design? The protective shorts are designed with a long velcro, easy to wear and allow the size to be adjusted to a suitable size, as well as a user-friendly design to avoid rubbing the skin.
  • ? Move freely? the protective shorts are made of extremely elastic and malleable elastane fiber. Combined with the improved wide mesh and extended velcro design, it gives you a good fit and maximum freedom of movement.
  • ? Enjoy the crowds? Suitable: Suitable for sports fans, men or women, children / teenagers / adults, designed for outdoor skiing, ice skating, snowboarding, cycling, roller, rugby, baseball and other outdoor sports

... Or three-wheeled

Even though they look pretty much like all other inline skates in existence (especially with the presence of components such as spacers, center distance, plate ...), all-terrain three-wheel skates also have some distinctive signs.

First, you can put them on and skate where two-wheeled off-road skates won't, such as on bumpy paths and sloping terrain. When going down a hill, for example, you will just have to lean back, almost in a sitting position, like a skier sliding on powder, but this time to descend a grassy or rocky slope. That said, you can also put them on for roller skating in the towed version (or land traction).

In addition, these inline skates are equipped with an extruded aluminum frame (composite in some cases), intended to accommodate three large wheels, with an average size of 150mm. But there are some, from some brands, measured at 125mm, giving a little more maneuverability and nervousness, but offering less in terms of rolling on rough terrain.

In all cases, the all-terrain skate is topped with a stiff shoe with a high upper to provide good support at the ankle. The ideal is for it to include a thermoformable and removable liner, which would facilitate its maintenance.

Safe skating

Finally, note that according to practitioners, all-terrain skates are less difficult to tame in terms of stability than other inline skates.

However, since this is difficult terrain, or even off-road, we will also recommend that you make sure to check the existing braking system on the skates you plan to buy. As such, we will find models equipped with classic brake pad, others with brake on the cuff, brake system of V-shaped shoes… All this, of course, without counting that before putting on all-terrain skates. , everyone must have already made a passage in a skating school or a roller club, to learn the fundamentals of the discipline, in particular how to learn to brake in roller skating.

And, of course, plan the necessary protection set: protective helmet (go to the section dedicated to roller helmets), mouth guards, elbow pads, mittens, wrist guards, knee pads, leg warmers, shin guards ...

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