Top 10 Best Freestyle Skates 2018

Your quest for best freestyle roller making your life hard? To make it easier for you, discover our top 10, our reviews and buying guide, and make the right choice to indulge yourself in your favorite practice.

Our # 1 choice
Sljj Inline Skates Adult Black Professional Roller Inline Skates Comfortable Freestyle Racing Skates For Women And Youth Inline Skates
  • [High-end breathable honeycomb lining]: good breathability, using environmentally friendly materials, will not cause skin allergies, thickening high rebound memory pearl cotton, more comfortable , carpet good foot, removable and clean.
  • [Hard shoe shell]: impact resistant PP material is used, which has strong impact resistance and more intimate protection for your feet.
  • [Anti-buckle bar buckle fine adjustment]: Metal bar buckle, wear-resistant and anti-rust, with anti-buckle bar buckle memory, one time adjustment, multiple use, more secure protection.
  • [High elastic and wear resistant PU wheel]: It is made of high quality PU rubber at one time. It has wear resistance and high elasticity. It can reduce the impact of shock thanks to fancy and challenging jumps, and effectively protect your body ankle.
  • [Exquisite gift]: You can give your friends as a birthday or Christmas gift on, they will like it very much.
Our choice n ° 2
Sljj Adult Outdoor Black Professional Inline Skates Roces Roller Ligne Roller Freestyle Comfortable for Women And Youth (Color: Black, Size: 39 EU / 7 US / 6 UK / 24.5cm JP)
  • ★ triple protection: fixed males, magic straps, reinforced laces, 360 ° all-round protection, double care
  • ★ COMFORTABLE SHOCK ABSORPTION: Built-in soft shock-absorbing rubber insole to reduce the harsh impact of the road surface on the heel when exercising
  • ★ Health and hygiene: upgraded removable and washable liner, refreshing and breathable ventilation of the mesh, more breathable, not easy to smell the feet
  • ★ Durable and durable shoe shell: It is indeed PP tough material.It has strong impact resistance and can protect your feet more intimately.
  • ★ Tool holder: one-piece aluminum alloy tool holder, CNC special technology, durable, lighter, stronger and safer
Our choice n ° 3
SSCYHT 8 Pcs Inline Skate Wheels 72Mm 76Mm 80Mm Inline Skate Replacement Wheels with ABEC-9 Bearings, Green, 76mm
SSCYHT 8 Pcs Inline Skate Wheels 72Mm 76Mm 80Mm Inline Skate Replacement Wheels with ABEC-9 Bearings, Green, 76mm
  • ? 72/76/80 mm (diameter), 24 mm (width), 8 mm (axis / inner diameter).
  • ? ABEC-9 bearings and spacers have been installed. Improved precision, speed and durability.
  • ? Ideal for board sports, freestyle slalom, street skating and more.
  • ? Compatible with inline skates, inline skates and even some luggage cases.
  • ? Pack of 8 wheels of inline skates COMPLETE. Well made and durable, brand new 100%.
Our choice n ° 4
VGEBY1 10Pcs Skate Wheel Screws, Skate Wheel Axle Steel Spikes Integrated Skate Wheel (31mm)
  • ? ?31MM? The 31mm slip screw is the perfect replacement for the front wheel.
  • ? ?INSTALL? Only suitable for skating shoes required male and female screw connections on the wheel. He needed two 4mm hex keys on the double ends for installation.
  • ? ?DURABLE AND STABLE? A set of 10 male and female inline skating screws for inline skating. Made of high quality iron with coating on the connecting piece, it is durable, sturdy and not easy to loosen.
  • ? ?APPLICATION? A hex wrench for fastening and another tool to do the job.
  • ? ?GUARANTEE? If you are not satisfied with the product you received, you can request an unconditional return and refund within 180 days. Regarding any problem related to this product, you can send emails to us anytime. We will respond as soon as possible.
Our choice n ° 5
Roces X35TIF-45 Mixed Adult Inline Skates, Black, 45
  • Asymmetric polypropylene shell with total ventilation, anatomical padded liner with comfort zone in the malleolus, leather lining. Anatomical sole. Asymmetric streamline freestyle cuff
  • Plate: extruded aluminum "3 arch design", base 243mm max
  • Wheel (s): Roces 110mm 85A
Our choice n ° 6
KRF 0016895 Patins en Ligne Mixte Adulte, Noir, Taille 43
  • 243mm aluminum frame, 80mm 84a wheels
  • ABEC-9 bearings
  • Special for FreeStyle

Purchase guide

Put on the right freestyle skates

 Each roller discipline has one or more types of skates. But how do you choose the best in freestyle skating? Follow the guide…

Skaters of all levels and of all ages

The discipline of freestyle rollerblading has many followers all over the world and in France where it is extremely well organized. Under the leadership of the French Roller and Skateboard Federation (FFRS), it comes in 3 specialties and a little less than ten official events:

  • the aggressive which includes roller street, the ramp and the bowl
  • freeride with skatecross, figure jumping and sheer height
  • and the slalom which is contested in speed, battle and classic

Concretely, apart from speed slalom where the emphasis is more on speed, almost all the other categories of freestyle skating practice consist of performing a series of acrobatic figures on a ramp, a springboard, a wall or even modules and lines of studs.

The relative difficulty of practicing this discipline in no way prevents seeing 12-year-old practitioners evolving in particular in street or mini-ramp, and the RSMC also lists at this level a certain number of licensees, from children up to 'to the veterans category.

In other words, there is no age barrier to learning freestyle skating or perfecting this acrobatic side of skating. Moreover, there is no shortage of structures such as roller club or skating school, which can thus introduce you to the fundamentals of this sporting practice.

A well-targeted roller skate purchase

So how do you make sure you choose the right ones when you want to buy freestyle skates? This must necessarily go through the choice of the specialty to which you want to devote yourself, it being understood that everything is played at the level of the shoes, but also and especially of the frames and the wheels.

In fact, the materials will already be fundamentally different from other disciplines such as rollerblading, speed skating, roller hockey, roller derby, figure skating or even rink hockey.

And this is still the case for practices classified in the same category since there are still some variations, when we know, among other things, that aggressive roller skates (consult our page dedicated to aggressive skating) have a rigid shell and their wheels remain the smallest, between 52mm and 60mm in diameter, the ideal characteristics for the rider to launch into his slides and grinds.

On the other hand, in roller slalom, we will tend to recommend four wheels from 70mm to 80mm in classic or battle, while they will be a little larger in speed slalom (three wheels whose diameter varies between 100mm and 110mm). in order to obtain more speed.

The ideal mounting on the frames, in aluminum and generally measuring between 219mm and 250mm, will be the so-called “banana” one, that is to say two small wheels at the ends and two larger central wheels which touch the ground. This makes the skates more maneuverable and makes it easier to perform a trick.

As for the hardness of the wheels, go for the 78A and 85A, and especially for the 82 to 85A which will tend to wear less quickly.

When it comes to shoes, the best thing is to choose a composite, carbon or fiberglass shell, which is lighter, comfortable and at the same time more manageable and offers good support. You should know that unlike other disciplines such as backpacking, enduro or marathon roller skating, the frequency with which you practice is not really a criterion for choosing your future skates. Nevertheless, exit the too great rigidity and prefer soft / hard shell skates, among others in slalom, if you plan to skate for several hours a day.

Spokey Freestyle Rollers ABEC 7 Skate Rollers Slalom Kate Inliner de Rollers pour de slalom pour erwaschene kinderin Liner Gutsy, 39
  • skateboarding is an excellent, general sport, which clearly improves physical condition and a lot of fun. There is nothing more the inliner in summer / spring. It is ideal for adults and children alike, away from home or sitting for hours on the computer.
  • Slalom system - the installation of medium one large diameter wheels increases the maneuverability of the inline skates.
  • The use of the aluminum CNC base makes the roller skates gutsy easier, very stable and resistant. CNC aluminum - one to one block of aluminum CNC machines ausgeführte Underframe, to increase their strength. The skates have been executed with care for every detail. Extremely precise nahten and high quality materials provide a great feeling of comfort.
  • Base: CNC aluminum. Bearings: ABEC7 chrome bearings. Wheels: 76mm pu82a for slalom. Closure: two double buckles, one with Micro regulation cord, grandchildren. Max. User weight: 100 kg
  • Very large technical parameters - Wheels with hardness 82 A Absorb vibrations Excellent, even on ground the Bearing of the class ABEC7 chrome bearings guarantee a high precision finish, thanks to which they are resistant and the wheels faster.

Freeride specifications

A mix of hiking and street roller skates. It is said that this is what characterizes freeride skates. This is particularly linked to the diversity of uses that are made of it in this discipline, in this case a kind of obstacle course in skatecross, as well as tricks in figure jump.

The key is therefore to find skates with suitable wheels, in other words with the right dimensions. Your frames, made of extruded aluminum, should therefore accommodate four wheels with a diameter of 76mm to 84mm. However, it is more and more common to see larger size 3-wheel freeride skates, ranging from 100mm to 125mm.

In all cases, their hardness should be between 82A and 86A for them to have a longer life despite all that awaits them in terms of skidding.

Regarding the shoes, we recommend the rigid shell with detachable protective pads, although, for more comfort, but less control, we can very well find semi-rigid shoes on some freeride skates. Finally, a little more, but really useful, soul plate, especially if your practice will be particularly oriented towards the street. Discover our section dedicated to roller street to learn more on the subject.

Just as essential, never forget the protection set which is more than recommended for safe practice given the level of probabilities of falling that may occur in these disciplines. In other words, you must always provide protective helmets, knee pads, elbow pads, shin guards, wrist guards, mittens ... to fall without hurting yourself, whether you are practicing in a skate park, gymnasium, sports hall or on a tarmac road. .

Our # 1 choice
Adult Fitness Inline Skating, Performance Inline Skates, Beginners For All Skating Styles / Inline Skates For Freeride, Freestyle, Leisure And Basic Slalom, B, 42
  • BEST SKATE FOR THE PRICE The ideal skate for beginners to intermediate skaters who want to get a little more for less. It provides high end specs at a budget price.
  • Premium Rollerblading Features - Enjoy a smooth, calm and confident ride on the reinforced aluminum frame, 82A polyurethane wheels and high quality ABEC-7 bearings. premium performance and bonus up to special light, totally worth the price!
  • ALUMINUM FRAME AND PERFORMANCE SUSTAINABILITY ADDS BETTER, because it can improve energy transfer and fuel efficiency to put some speed in stride.
  • FEET SKATING CUSHION LINER PADDING Quilted lining and tongue cushions the feet great for long and short skating sessions
  • The details determine the quality: we are not lower than the price, we can never cut corners on materials to save cost!

Finally, you can also choose to explore the customization track to transform your freestyle skates.Generally, the objective is to improve the capacity of the latter to absorb shocks by customizing the plates (installation of a spoiler), the mounting of the wheels, or to strengthen the lacing and the retaining tongue by the installation of a tightening system such as the micrometric buckle.If you are one of those who wish to go through this custom box, you can pretty much take care of it yourself by getting the necessary parts in specialized roller shops or other online stores.That being said, you can start to budget your budget according to your needs.

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