Top 3 Best Electric Skates 2018

Are you planning to buy a pair of electric skates? Yes, but which one to choose among all the existing offers? Here's a buying guide, our reviews and our top 3 of the best electric inline skates to help you make up your mind.

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How to choose your electric rollerblade?

The idea of ??getting into the spirit of the times, by adopting a new mode of transport, has definitely appealed to you, and you now want to travel on an electric rollerblade. But what criteria should you use when you want to buy electric rollerblades?

A very manoeuvrable machine

Between the electric scooter that saw the light of day 18 years ago, the gyro wheels or the famous and no less futuristic Hoverboard from the "Back to the future" saga which inspired the creation of the electric skateboard, this means of Urban travel has, although relatively recent, come a long way since the revolutionary Segway.

In 2015, we witnessed the arrival in France of the first electric rollerblades, the Rocketskates, which somewhat revolutionized the panorama of urban traffic. Their ease of use meant that they quickly wowed more than one: just slip them on, tie the tightening strap tight, then almost let the magic work. Indeed, after the short time it takes to tame them and find good stability, all you have to do is lean forward to move forward or backward to slow down, brake or even stop.

How it works ?

In short, the principle turns out to be roughly the same as for a Segway, it being understood that like the famous Segway, an electric roller skates, it is quite simply an electric motor roller.

Basically, an electrically propelled rollerblade must be equipped with four brushless motors (two equipping each roller) of 50W each. This technology, otherwise known as "frictionless", not only offers a longer life to your equipment, but also allows a higher peak speed and greater autonomy.

On this point, your electric roller skates must be equipped with a lithium ion battery. And if at their beginnings, electric rollerblades were endowed with a more or less great autonomy of 45 minutes, which corresponds to a distance of 10km, you can currently find skates whose battery capacity is around 70 minutes, or a covered distance of 13km, or even 90 minutes, equivalent to a continuous journey of 16km. This, of course, with a few variations, particularly related to the weight of the user.

Thereafter, you will necessarily have to recharge, for a full charge time of 2 hours or 2 hours 30 for some models. And off we go for a ride!

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Weight, height, shoe size… It's okay!

What max load for an electric rollerblade? Whether the user weighs 100kg or more is no problem since electric inline skates can support weights of up to 125kg. Moreover, regardless of its size and, therefore, its shoe size, rest assured: these inline skates are equipped with adjustable toe clips (if you want to know how to define your size, consult our section dedicated to men's rollerblades).

However, you should know that with the advent of this kind of skate, its net weight was still generally around 4.3 kg, so just under 9 kg per pair. Now, thanks to technological developments and despite all the material present, most models available on the market are, we can say, light, even ultra light, each skate weighing only 3.5kg. So, opt for lightness!

Usually delivered with a carrying case, your inline skates will not pose any particular problem to you at this level when you do not have them on your feet. And even when you have to cross stairs, you won't have to take off your shoes, their weight allowing you to climb steps.

Note that the ideal terrains that your electric rollerblades will be able to use without any problem are asphalt, cement, flat roads or even in flat meadows. On the other hand, uneven, muddy or sandy soils remain contraindicated.

Our # 1 choice
Scholl Velvet Smooth Roll Pédicure électrique professionnelle pour peau sèche, Bleu, avec cristaux de Diamant
  • Ce rouleau professionnel grâce à sa tête électrique est capable d'éliminer les callosités et durillons, les peaux sèches en particulier des talons et de rendre vos pieds doux et soyeux.
  • La tête de micro-particules abrasives est recouverte de cristaux de diamant pour enlever l'excès de peau morte.
  • La poignée ergonomique est confortable à utiliser, grâce à sa forme moulée sur la main, la pédicure est facile à faire même à la maison.
  • Fonctionne avec piles.
  • Pieds doux et veloutés dès la première utilisation, profitez de votre pédicure à la maison.

Where to ride and at what speed?

It will be understood that electric roller skating is not intended for sports use such as speed skating, slalom, aggressive skating, freeride, roller derby, figure skating (go to our page dedicated to rollerblading to find out more)… It was more designed to move around without getting too tired on public roads, in other words as a new means of transport in an urban environment where crowds and traffic jams rub shoulders every day.

Despite everything, this machine can reach a top speed of 20km, even sometimes 25 km / hour. However, whether we classify them among classic rollerblades or scooters, or among electric travel vehicles, such as Segways, hoverboards, electric scooters and other single wheels, their circulation is restricted to sidewalks. a maximum speed of 6km / hour.

In any case and even if you have found in them the best way to avoid the horrors of urban transport, it is best to refer to the Highway Code as well as to the specific legislation (the provisions emanating from town hall for example) in force in the city where you live.

Smart rollerblades

Moreover, to further refine your choice, you can also take a look at the on-board technology. In this regard, it should be noted from the outset that the absence of a gyroscopic system on electric rollerblades, unlike what is done on gyropods, provides their user with good front-to-back balance, as well as optimum stability on the sides, at the level of the wheels.

On the other hand, in terms of connected objects, you should have access, on your electric inline skates, to a certain number of functions. Via Bluetooth, you could in particular manage, thanks to an adjustable interface, your speed according to your level (beginner, intermediate or professional), to see what distance have you already covered, as well as the state of your battery, or even, using a smartphone application, control your skates remotely.

Finally, even if it is not a question of rollerblading as one would practice a sliding sport, we will always advise you to bring protective equipment such as a helmet, knee pads, leggings ...

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