How to increase the adhesion of a surface?

test inks

Whether in the printing, automotive or electronics sector, it is imperative to ensure that processes follow certain safety rules. Machines loaded with static electricity or too dusty supports can thus disturb the production and even cause accidents. It is in particular to avoid this type of problem that it is necessary to carry out surface treatments.

How to choose the right surface treatment system?

printing house cleaningIndustrial dust removal is a process increasingly used in the industrial sector, as it allows get rid of dust and other dirt which are encrusted on the supports and which disorganize the production.To find the best surface treatment solution, it is therefore necessary to start by analyzing the process and trying to find the obstacles to the smooth running of the process.The solution chosen will need to be easily integrated into the production line for both production and surface adhesion to be improved.If industrial dusting does not completely remove dirt from substrates, then it is interesting to combine it with an antistatic treatment.After both treatment systems, the surface should no longer present dust and other types of residues that may affect the smooth running of operations.

Once the surface treatment has been carried out, it will be necessary to ensure that the support can accommodate any type of material during the gluing step. These tools make it possible in particular to determine whether the treated surface is well cleaned in depth. They can be used on all types of media, be it plastic, glass and even composite materials and help to avoid unnecessary risks.

How to use the test inks?

To use these measurement tools optimally, it is imperative to start by performing an analysis of the treated substrate. The results of the test inks then make it possible to determine whether the surface tension is only observed in the short term or if the treatment system has simply been ineffective. It may be that over time the voltage value decreases, it is to avoid unpleasant surprises of this kind that it is necessary to be interested in the reactions of surface test inks. In particular, it can be said that the surface tension of the treated material is better than the corresponding value if the liquid continuously sprinkles the surface after it has been applied. Also, to make sure that the treatment worked, it is necessary to carry out several tests of the ink cartridge, and this, with a high value, and to continue the operation until the continuity of the film is broken. and the surface begins to bead. At this stage, it can be said that the surface tension of the material matches that of the last test inks used.

It has been shown that the use of test inks is essential when it is necessary to determine the surface tension of the material. As the test inks are available in a wide range of products, it will be easy to find one that meets the materials treated and the intended uses.

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