Grandma's tips to lose weight quickly

While Grandma's tips for weight loss don't work wonders on their own, they are nevertheless perfect supplements to diet or sports that promote weight loss. Here is a small list of tips that can help you get back into optimal shape.

Take tea daily

Long before science confirmed it, grandmothers already knew that tea helped with weight loss. Two types of appetite suppressant tea are available to you in this case: green tea and cinnamon tea. In terms of numbers, studies have confirmed that when drunk on a daily basis, green tea was losing 80 calories per day. While there is no precise number for cinnamon tea, it offers roughly the same benefits as green tea. While dieting or exercising can be difficult at times, drinking tea as a supplement to achieve your goals will be a snap.

How to do ? For green tea, brew a spoon of dry tea leaves for 3 minutes and take a cup 3 times a day.

For cinnamon tea, it is 10 minutes of infusion and consumption upon waking up and between meals.

Drink lemon water

Are you not a fan of tea? No problem, you can substitute this drink for another. Whether you use plain water or hot water, lemon water (1 lemon in 1 liter of water) will be perfect to accompany a slimming diet or fitness exercises that you can find on As a detox drink, there is nothing better, it has an appetite suppressant effect and burns fat effectively. All of this without forgetting that it will provide the nutrients your body needs to stay in shape.

To eat an apple

The appetite suppressant effect of the apple is no longer to be demonstrated, and it is a fruit that you had better have daily in your home to have the silhouette of your dreams. Taken before a meal, it will reduce the feeling of hunger and make you eat less.

No more eating after 7 p.m.

The purpose of this grandma's trick is to deprive the body of all food for 12 hours. The point is to force the body to draw on its reserves to recharge, even when you are sleeping. A few fewer calories each night by just being rigorous about it is already a lot. In addition, by eating at 7:00 p.m. at the latest, you can have a hassle-free breakfast at 7:00 a.m. before starting your day.

Put parsley and / or pepper in your dishes

Parsley and pepper, although well known, are not yet enough in dishes, especially by those who wish to refine their figures. Both, however, have slimming effects that are still underexploited today, especially since they are easy to use. Be careful though, any abuse is always harmful!