How to duplicate a cam gate remote control?

Want to duplicate your CAME remote control but don't know how to do it? Here is the manual.

If you are interested in the particular area of gate motorization, then you certainly know that CAME is an industry staple. In fact, since 1972, the company has established a solid reputation in automation and home automation. In short, if you want to set up a gate motorization, this is the benchmark to turn to.

To take control of a automatic gate, you need a remote control (you can get it here for example). It embeds many functions, but how to duplicate it in the event of loss or damage, for example? Follow the guide !

Duplication: instructions for use

If you are the proud owner of a piece of equipment or Sliding Gate Motorization by CAME, you know that the remote control is the tool that lets you take control. If you have just lost it or if it is no longer functional, then the duplication option is your escape route. So if you had an old remote, here's how to replace it with a brand new TOP-432EV. The operation will only take you a few minutes:

  • First, start pressing simultaneously for 6 to 8s the 2 keys of your gate remote control top 432EV. The LED will then start to flash quickly, and you will release the pressure on the keys.
  • Once this step has been completed, press the key you want to register once. The operation will light up steadily, the LED
  • To complete the duplication process, place the old remote control with the end against the back of the new CAME TOP 432EV. The operation can also be performed by placing the two remote controls back to back.

Voila, the biggest is done. The duplication is almost complete, and you can use your Remote Came Gate in a moment. It will therefore be necessary to complete the operation.

Forward, march!

Of course, before embarking on the duplication process, it is recommended that you read your notice cam. This is a prerequisite before you start. Before your Remote control may not really work, you still have a few small steps. So :

  • Press the button on the old remote control to flash the duplicated one 3 times. In case you observe this phenomenon, it is proof that the duplication was successful.
  • Now is the time to release the pressure, whether you are exerting on the button of the Universal remote controller
  • To validate all the other keys you wish to record, repeat the same duplication procedure for the program.

By following the various steps mentioned, you will successfully duplicate your top432EV remote control. Also, if this is the first time you are duplicating, follow all recommendations for the radio receiver. They will be very practical for validating the registration of your first remote control on the receiver. This will greatly facilitate the duplication process afterwards. So follow the instructions, to duplicate your Remote control CAME in minutes.