The criteria to remember when choosing your sliding gate

choose sliding gate

When planning to automate your gate, it is important to start by better analyzing the available space and the type of motorization to adopt. The sliding gate is an option to remember, because it allows easy opening and a more elaborate aesthetic. For those who want to start buying, here are some criteria to remember.

How to choose your sliding gate?

As there is a large gate model, with different shapes and styles, the choice will depend primarily on individual desires and needs. It will only take make sure that the type of gate chosen as well as its design matches the facade of the house and the rest of the fence. The dimensions of the gate must also be taken into account. The model will have to adapt to the configuration of the land and since most models currently available on the market are standard sizes, this makes it easy to find the sliding gate of choice. Otherwise, the other alternative would be to opt for a tailor-made portal, but the cost would be significantly higher.

choose sliding gate1It will also take into account the maintenance of the portal before embarking on a purchase. If the wood offers a warm appearance, it requires rigorous maintenance. PVC gates are easy to maintain, but sometimes their design needs to be revised. Aluminum, on the other hand, promises a pretty aesthetic and offers little style, but its maintenance is easy while steel and wrought iron promise good results, but both materials require careful maintenance. Also, it will take the time to rethink the interview and focus your choice on the climate of the region. Finally, the price obviously remains a determining criterion in the choice of a sliding gate and for this purpose, there is nothing better than to compare prices and installation services before starting.

What about the engine?

The motorization must also be taken into account when the purchase of the sliding gate.In particular, there are two types of motorization for this type of gate, namely the self-supporting and the ground rail.Note that the installation of both requires the installation of a receiving post and a guide post.The floor rail motor is the most widespread, it allows the gate to slide on a rail by means of a motor and adapts equally well to heavy gates as to large models.The self-supporting engine, for its part, does not require the installation of a track on the ground, which makes it easier to install.The gate is simply supported by a rack that allows it to move without touching the ground.Unlike the floor-mounted rail motor, this type of gate is suspended, which makes it not very recommended for heavy and large gates.Once you've gone through all of the basic buying criteria, you'll need to focus on aesthetics.Again, the choice will have to be made according to individual tastes and the style you want to bring to the portal.

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