Clean your laptop screen: all the keys

clean your laptop screen

Computer panels tend to collect dust, fingerprints and all kinds of spatter easily. It is not uncommon for some laptop screens to become blurry, making it difficult to read the characters displayed. That is why it is important to clean them. But beware, a computer monitor is not glass. Such a slab can easily get scratched, especially if you use anything to clean it. For the operation to be successful, you must choose one of the most recommended options.

How to clean your PC screen?

Among the most effective options, dusting the computer screen with a microfiber cloth gives an impeccable result. This can be done by first turning off the laptop and making sure it is either turned off or the battery is removed. Indeed, cleaning the computer screen while it is plugged in can have irreversible consequences. The actual cleaning requires the use of a microfiber cloth.
It is therefore not recommended to use:
• Old t-shirts or other used clothing at the risk of scratching the screen as appropriate
• Rags, tissues, toilet paper because of their abrasive power
The microfiber cloth has the advantage of being suitable for all kinds of laptop screens. A gentle wipe over the surface of the tile with the cloth is enough to remove all dust particles that adhere to it.

The right actions for an impeccable screen!

The microfiber cloth alone is not sufficient to clean the computer screen. You also need to know the right things to do for effective cleaning. Thus, making light circular movements on the surface of the monitor helps remove the most stubborn stains. However, do not force the intensity of the gestures because by rubbing the screen too much, there is a great risk of causing the destruction of the pixels by electrostatic effect. The parts that surround the LCD or LED screen can be cleaned with a non-corrosive solution.
It can be a classic household cleaning product such as those used for windows. A paper towel is then very helpful for applying it. The most important thing is to make sure during the operation not to touch the visible surface of the slab with the product.
Under no circumstances should the computer screen be wet directly for cleaning. Likewise, only a cleaning product specific to computer screens should be used. It is easy to find in stores specializing in the sale of computer equipment. While it's easy to believe that dish soaps, glass cleaners, and other scouring powders can be used for monitors, it isn't. The best options to avoid disappointment are to use a microfiber cloth or the wipes specially designed for this purpose and sold commercially.

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