Top 10 Best Bosch Built-In Oven 2018

Difficult to make a choice for your new Bosch Built-in Oven? We wrote this Bosch Built-in Oven buying guide to help you, with the TOP10 of the best sales of the moment, tests, opinions… Everything to help you choose the best Bosch Built-in Oven!

Our selection of bosch built-in oven

Our choice n ° 4
Bosch HBG675BB1 built-in pyrolytic oven - Multifunction oven Fan or forced air / 71 liters / Class A / Black / Cold door (4 windows)
  • Pyrolysis oven
  • Energy class A
  • Multifunction
  • 13 cooking modes CookAssist: pre-programmed recipes
  • Volume 71 L
Our choice n ° 7
Four encastrable pyrolyse Bosch HBG672BB1S - Four multifonction Chaleur tournante ou pulsée / 71 litres / Classe A+ / Noir / Porte froide (4 vitres)
  • Pyrolysis oven
  • Cold door
  • Energy efficiency class A
  • SoftMove system: closing, assisted soft opening
  • Control panel with TFT display
Our choice n ° 8
Our choice n ° 10
Four encastrable pyrolyse Bosch HBA573ES0 - Four multifonction Chaleur tournante ou pulsée / 71 litres / Classe A / Inox / Rails télescopiques / Porte froide (4 vitres)
  • Pyrolysis oven
  • Porte froide 4 vitres
  • Rail télescopique 1 niveau
  • Energy efficiency class A
  • Bandeau de commande avec écran LED

Bosch built-in oven buying guide

Have you just renovated your kitchen and want to integrate a new Bosch built-in oven? This guide will help you find the better built-in oven which will allow you to concoct tasty dishes for your loved ones and which will bring, at the same time, a contemporary touch to your kitchen.

Which design to choose?

Before making a Comparative or one test on the different characteristics of best Bosch built-in ovens available on the market, let's first look at the visual side. The design indeed greatly influences the choice of your new built-in oven, especially if you want to have a perfectly coordinated kitchen.

Although aesthetics are not in the list of the main criteria in the purchase of the better built-in oven, it is nevertheless essential that it blends harmoniously with the rest of the cooking appliances such as the hob or the microwave oven. Pay more attention to stainless steel models that display a neat design and add a professional look to the kitchen. This material is also more resistant to impact and heat.

With its fluid and airy lines, glass also remains in the trend among noble materials. If you want to keep your oven clean, do a Comparative on built-in mirror ovens equipped with an anti-fingerprint system. In addition to offering a completely flat surface, the glass is easy to clean.

Aesthetics also go hand in hand with ease of use when the better Bosch built-in oven is complemented by a transparent glass door and efficient lighting. You will no longer need to open your oven to monitor cooking. New technology can also be found in built-in ovens to make your life easier. Backlighting, tactile display, sensitive controls… welcome to the 21st century!

What volume and what size for your Bosch built-in oven?

Once you have in mind the Bosch built-in oven design that will best suit your kitchen, you can then focus on the capacity and size that will work best for you. A test or one Comparative will allow you to differentiate between best built-in ovens according to their volume and dimensions. Indeed, it will not only be the budget that will influence your choice. Your needs are also to be taken into account.

Oven size

A test will help you understand the importance of the size of your new Bosch built-in oven. It is indeed important that the latter easily find its place in your kitchen and be discreet while remaining in tune with the times. Also pay special attention to the cavity that will receive the new device.

On the sites of Comparative, there are two types of built-in ovens: classic ovens and compact models. Conventional ovens have a standard size of 60 cm high by 60 cm wide. These are generally positioned under your worktop or at a height. However, you will find standard 60 cm ovens, intended for families, available in 45 cm high. The standard 45 cm model is perfect for couples or a single person.

As for the compact built-in oven, the latter is smaller than a conventional oven. Usually built-in high, the compact oven is at least 38 cm high and 60 cm wide. This model nevertheless offers the same advantages of a conventional Bosch built-in oven, despite its small size. It's just for single people and small kitchens.

The capacity

To determine the best capacity of your Bosch built-in oven, which is expressed in liters, you must take your eating habits into account. Note that the needs of a family are different from those of a person who lives alone. Three types of volume are available on the websites of Comparative : small models, standard volumes and large volumes.

If you use your oven frequently, you will need the better High capacity Bosch built-in oven (from 70 L). This model will allow you to cook several dishes simultaneously. In addition to saving you time, large volumes significantly reduce your energy consumption.

The standard 60 to 70 L ovens offer excellent user comfort for families. Often less than 45 L, small-volume built-in ovens are part of the mini-oven family. These are recommended for students or couples without children.  

The little details that make all the difference

In addition to the design, size and volume, the choice of better Bosch built-in oven will also be determined by other points, perhaps less obvious, but which will certainly tip the scales. The opening of the door will, for example, be determined by where your oven is positioned. Drop-down door ovens, hanging ovens, cold door ovens ... you will be spoiled for choice!

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