Discover Cape Town and its surroundings

A stay in the Rainbow Nation is an opportunity to visit the city of Cape Town better known as Cape Town. Thousands of vacationers passing through South Africa choose to discover this metropolis, because it has several tourist attractions as interesting as each other.

Table Mountain, a gem of Cape Town

First of all, you should know that Cape Town is the parliamentary capital of the country. Many backpackers start their South Africa tour avec la découverte de cette magnifique cité et ses alentours. La marche à pied est le meilleure de visiter cette métropole. Pour débuter votre escapade, vous pouvez, à titre d’exemple, vous rendre sur la fameuse Table Mountain qui signifie littéralement montagne de la table. Ce massif figure dans la liste des 7 nouvelles merveilles de la nature et culmine à environ 1 080 m d’altitude. Depuis son sommet, on a une vue panoramique sur la ville. Si vous ne vous sentez pas d’attaque pour marcher en direction des hauteurs, vous avez la possibilité de prendre un téléphérique. Dans le cas où une virée pédestre ne vous dérange pas, prenez un des sentiers balisés qui mènent au sommet.

A little detour to the Cape of Good Hope

For the rest of your adventures, why not go to Cape Point, also called by French speakers the Cape of Good Hope? This exceptional place is located on the Atlantic coast of the country. From Cape Town, it takes around 1 hour 30 minutes to reach the site. Once at your destination, you will surely fall in love with the site thanks to its great beauty. In fact, the landscape which stretches as far as the eye can see is mainly composed of fynbos, a floral species endemic to the territory and magnificent beaches. Of course, there is also the sea. In addition, many birds meet in this region of the country, to name only the Cape penguins, the crested terns, the Cape cormorants, the elegant avocets, the white-fronted plovers, ostriches, Hartlaub's seagulls and many more.

What to do once back in Cape Town?

After discovering the Cape of Good Hope, you can end your stay in South Africa in style by returning to the center of Cape Town. Once there you can, for example, visit the Bo-Kaap district. The latter is famous for its houses with colorful facades. This part of the city is inhabited by the city's Muslim community. Moreover, to continue your city break, why not go to the Township of Langa? It is an urban area inhabited by the Afro-South African population which was established in 1927.