3 favorite destinations for a great ski vacation

While some have only just returned to school and work, others are already planning their next vacation, in this case the winter vacation. And if you are in the second category of people, here are some ideas for a destination where you will certainly have a great stay. And this, by doing one of the most essential activities of the winter season, namely skiing.


Located between Norway and Greenland, Iceland is a top destination for next winter. In addition, this magnificent country has several ski areas where you can indulge in your favorite activity. In this case, consider spending your next Iceland vacation to decompress as much as possible through the ski slopes of Tierra del Fuego and ice.

And to orient yourself a bit, you can go to Reykjavik for skiing in Bláfjöll or the Blue Mountains. You should know that the latter is the largest ski area in the capital. In addition, you can also do other activities such as cross-country skiing or snowmobiling. There is also the area of ??the Two Valleys which is in the western part of Iceland which you can also visit.


If you do not want to leave French territory, know that you will not be disappointed. Especially since France is renowned for being the number 1 ski destination in all of Europe. Indeed, it should be noted that France has very good sites where you can practice various activities, including skiing, of course. In addition, the various winter resorts are constantly developing and innovating formulas to keep visitors coming back every year.

And if you don't know which resort to choose, here are a few that are definitely worth a look. For example, you can go to resorts in the Northern Alps, those in the Southern Alps or even those located in the Pyrenees. Then all you have to do is make your choice.

United States

The new continent is renowned for being a ski destination par excellence. And if you want to have a good time escape, don't neglect the USA. In addition, the infrastructure there is very modern and highly developed. And you will have as a bonus a completely extraordinary panorama.

It should be noted that fans of this type of activity will be really spoiled for choice when it comes to ski resorts. Then know that you can go to one of the best ski resorts in California - Mammoth. With the variety of its slopes, this site attracts many skiers from all over the world every year. There are also resorts in Colorado, including Aspen, Cooper Mountain or Steamboat Springs.

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