How to perfect your e-commerce home page?

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The home page is the first thing a visitor sees first when they land on a site, which is why it is important to take care of it. These few tips should help perfect the showcase page to minimize bounce rates.

Why should you take care of your home page?

the home page of an e-commerce is like the window of a real store, if it is well cared for then it will really help boost sales pages.It is important that it perfectly represents the company and its values, but that it also attracts the maximum number of customers.The design is the first criterion to take into account, because it is on the choice of the visual that all the work depends.The home page should reflect modernity and transcribe the business world while remaining intuitive and ergonomic.Indeed, there is no point in having a beautiful design if the customer experience is not well thought out.We choose harmonious colors, clear layouts, clearly legible fonts and we do not forget to highlight the elements of reinsurance and company contact details to facilitate contact.

If the first impression is good, then the visitor will be in a better position to continue their visit and conclude with a purchase. It will therefore be necessary to ensure that the content presented guides visitors on their journey and meets their needs. The idea is to put yourself in the shoes of Internet users and ask yourself if the visit objective can be reached quickly, and with less effort.

Tips to remember for a successful home page

e-commerce home pageDesign, content and ergonomics are the three important points of the home page to be covered. The colors must follow the corporate graphic charter while the graphics must be done by professionals in the field. They will be able to analyze the company's needs in terms of design and best illustrate the values ??conveyed by the company and what it wishes to demonstrate through its site. The successful layout will thus have to meet aesthetic concerns while remaining practical for the user.

You should also think about adding a search tab on the e-commerce site so that visitors can easily find the object of their research. Ergonomics and loading time are also a priority, as slow navigation will result in an increase in the bounce rate. To avoid long minutes of loading, it is also important to make pages light and remove all JavaScript features and other unnecessary animations that will only overload and weigh down the page. If the page does not load correctly within 15 seconds of opening, then the Internet user will necessarily go elsewhere to find what they are looking for. The visuals and texts should be harmonious and ideally, a neutral tone will be chosen with a clear and explicit vocabulary to accompany striking visuals. Finally, don't forget to put links to social networks and the contact tab to facilitate interactions with visitors.

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