Top 10 Best Quad Skates (4 wheels) 2018

Buy the ideal quad roller, it may seem complicated, if not impossible. To help you, discover our buying guides, top 10, reviews and reviews on the best quad skates.

Our # 1 choice
Rio Roller Patin Roller Quad Lumina Navy / Green
  • Boots and material: semi-flexible and suitable for vegans. PVC leather construction with printed inscription with gradient and Rio stripes.
  • Chassis: Rio Roller PP high impact.
  • Trucks: Rio Roller nylon trucks - PU cast 94A bushings.
  • Wheels: Rio Coaster 82A polyurethane wheels with exclusive Rio design to prevent the axles from sticking out and damaging the ground.
  • Bearings: Rio Roller ABEC-7 bearings.
Our choice n ° 2
Win-Y Adjustable Kids Quad Roller Skates for Kids and Teens, Ideal for Beginners, Comfortable Roller Skates for Girls and Boys (Blue, L)
  • ROLLER SHOE SIZE - quick and easy adjustment with just one button. Roller skates come in 3 sizes, each equipped with a special button that allows you to easily adjust the size of the shoe to the growing foot. MEASUREMENTS: S (31-34), M (35-38), L (39-42) Check the size chart image to match the exact size for a comfortable fit.
  • Eight light towers - the coolest flash makes kids go out and have more fun. Colored LED lights inside the wheel have an automatic power generation function. No battery needed
  • DYNAMIC AND STABLE - Meteor roller skates have two parallel wheels that give you greater stability in slow running as well as in standing position. Soft PU wheels and 608 Z quadruple roller skates will give you a smooth and comfortable ride.
  • DRIVING PLEASURE - Thanks to their perfect fit, high comfort and quiet ride, LED roller skates are ideal for all sports enthusiasts, children, beginners and advanced.
  • 100% Satisfaction Assurance - Straight Line Roller Skates Supply 100%.If you need anything, please contact us.We are committed to solving any problem of products or service and providing all buyers with five experience stars
PromoOur choice n ° 3
Sulifeel Rainbow Unicorn Roller Skates Adjustable Roller Skates Special LED Wheels, Fun Quad Skates for Kids, Women and File - Large (36-39EU)
  • ? Grow taller with the 4-size adjustable shoe? A perfect choice for children of growing up age, free yourself from the worry of getting another pair so early. Easy and convenient, one button to adjust the size, find the exact fit!
  • All wheels with colored lights in the rainbow Image of a meteor that shot across the sky in a flash, it's exactly the same when you are riding in the dark. All 8 wheels illuminating. Safe self-generating drive wheels without andy battery.
  • Gift Perfect birthday present and gift for children Sk Roller skating is loved by children of all ages and fun for adults too. This ideal pair of inline skates that you can give to children.
  • ? High level Guarantee comfort and durability? Enjoy a smooth, quiet and confident ride on the reinforced aluminum frame, PU wheels and Speed ??ABEC-7 bearings. Premium performance and an exceptional light bonus, totally worth the price!
  • ? Dedicated customer service and after-sales protection? The safety of your child and your satisfaction is our goal. Contact us if you are not satisfied with our product, you will receive customer support and quality assurance at 100%. If there is any quality problems, we promise to replace or refund to you.
PromoOur choice n ° 4
Roces RC1 Classic Roller Roller Skates, For Women and Men, Adult Quad Skates
  • Classic roller skates: Roces RC1 unisex 4-wheel roller skates, stylish and classic, with leather lace-up shoes, have high quality components and provide exceptional skating fun
  • 8-Hole Synthetic Anatomical Running Boots: 4-wheel skates come with 8-hole anatomically shaped synthetic running shoes made of soft synthetic leather, flat laces, 3 extra hooks and a durable PVC sole
  • High Quality Polypropylene Composite: The frame and plate of our retro roller skate shoes are made of polypropylene (PP) composite, and the soft polyurethane (PU) toe stops ensure smooth and safe braking
  • Sturdy Wheels: Women's and Men's Roller Skates feature solid 54 x 32mm / 85A wheels, made of durable, molded polyurethane (PU) for safe and reliable skating performance
  • Wheels with ABEC 5 bearings: the roller skates for men and women are equipped with ABEC 5 bearings and the upper part in eco-leather perfectly completes the concept of these 4-wheel skates
Our choice n ° 5
Roller skates Roller Quad Child High Light Comfortable Fast Wheels Girl Adjustable Skates Unisex for star patina toys protected with women boy men (S (31-34), Flora)
  • JOY FOR EVERYONE - The roller blades bring back memories of childhood. The latest series of the meteor brand will bring joy to your child. A timeless design and extremely vibrant colors will stand out from the crowd. They are the perfect gift for children / kids, boys, girls and women will be satisfied with our product. Ideal for indoor skating and outdoor rides.
  • ROLLER SHOE SIZE - quick and easy adjustment with just one button. Roller skates come in 3 sizes, each equipped with a special button that allows you to easily adjust the size of the shoe to the growing foot. MEASURES: S (31-34, 12.5-2UK), M (35-38, 2.5-5UK), L (39-42, 6-8.5UK) Check the image size chart to match the exact size to get a comfortable fit.
  • DYNAMIC AND STABLE - Meteor roller skates have two parallel wheels that give you greater stability in slow running as well as in standing position. Soft PU wheels and ABEC 7 quadruple roller skates will give you a smooth and comfortable ride. Powerful and durable brake facilitating efficient and quick stopping allowing a comfortable and safe start of driving. Just push back to get the roller skates in motion.
  • ADDITIONAL EQUIPMENT - Convenient loop to carry the rollers in your hands or possibly to attach it to the backpack. The triple closure with velcro strap, laces and a special buckle with button provides more stability, longer protection and safety.
  • STURDY AND SOFT MATERIAL - Through the use of high quality materials, the shoe has a comfortable and breathable upper and soft lining, which contributes to a comfortable ride and good stabilization of the foot. Chrome steel bearings: ABEC 7, Material: faux leather, EVA foam (ethylene vinyl acetate), nylon. Wheels: PU
PromoOur choice n ° 6
Gonex Adjustable Roller Skates (Size 31-42) Breathable and Comfortable Quad Roller Skates with Lighted Wheels for Beginners Girls Women Kids
  • ? Adjustable Size: Design with easy-adjustable push button, our roller skates can be adjusted to different sizes to fit different foot length. 3 sizes (S / M / L) are available, the perfect choice for your kid’s growing feet.
  • Comfortable Material and Durability: The main body of the skates is made of premium PP material, sandwich mesh, PVC leather and EPE foam which provide great skating comfort.Enjoy your smooth ride with the high quality bearings ABEC-7.8 82A polyurethane wheels with trendy LED lights, the rust-resistant aluminum frame.
  • ? 8 Wheels Light Up: Colorful lights for roller skating, the wheels are designed as a self-generated power system, no batteries are needed! It glows with colorful lights while skating which adds cool style to the skates and provides more fun for your child.
  • ? Quick Closure System: The grid closure, cam lever buckle, hook and loop closure strap strap, and specially child-friendly laces ensure an absolutely secure fit.
  • Birthday Gifts and Perfect Gifts: Inline skates are loved by kids of all ages and fun for adults. Leave video games and the phone indoors. Have hours of fun outdoors. Let's go play outside!
Our choice n ° 8
KYOKIM Roller Skates, Kids Inline Skates, Quad Skates, Girl Sport Shoes, Kick Roller Shoe, White-37
  • ? 2 In 1 Roller Skates, This Shoe Is Different From Ordinary Roller Skates In The Market. Not Only Can It Be Used For Roller Skating, But It Can Also Be Ridden.
  • ? The Roller Skates Are Made Of Microfiber, The Sole Is Rubber, And The Wheels Are Made Of PU.
  • ? The roller skates have been tested and innovated several times, in accordance with the mechanical design.
  • ? Use Traditional Laces, You Can Adjust The Laces To Choose The Most Comfortable Feeling.
  • ? Multifunctional Adjustable Roller Skates Suitable For Friends Of All Ages? Can Be Given As Birthday Gift For Kids And Friends
PromoOur choice n ° 9
KRF School PPH Mixed Child Roller Skates, White, 39
KRF School PPH Mixed Child Roller Skates, White, 39
  • Quad roller skate with white shoe, parallel.
  • Wheels 58 x 32 mm / hardness 92 a
  • ABEC 5 ball bearings
  • Replaceable PU stoppers
  • Chassis / Hanger: High-Impact Nylon
Our choice n ° 10
WeSkate Kids Roller Skates Comfortable Breathable Quad Skates for Girls and Boys Skating (Black)
  • WEAR RESISTANT - Roller skates casters are made of high quality PU material, which gives them great abrasion resistance.
  • BREATHABLE - The raw material of the roller shoe is breathable polyester mesh fabric to release the feet from the stifling heat.
  • POPULAR - Skating is a very popular sport among young people around the world. Encourage your children to take an interest in sports from an early age rather than obsessing over the internet.
  • SAFE - Integrated impact resistant plastic base and wrapped structure provide maximum ankle protection.
  • SMOOTH - The use of high precision ABEC-7 bearings provides better pressure resistance, higher rotation speed and silent sliding.

Purchase guide

Rollerblading on the right quads

Have you decided to start buying a roller quad but are worried that you are not making the right choice? Here's everything you need to know about these special kind of skates.

All four wheels are making a comeback!

Les quads, des rollers d’un autre temps ? Pas du tout ! Il est vrai que ce type de patins à roulettes a bien connu ses heures de gloire principalement dans les années 80, en pleine période disco, look rétro et skate vintage, époque à laquelle il est devenu un véritable symbole en termes de sport de glisse et de mode de déplacement urbain. Il est tout aussi vrai que les rollers en ligne, ces patins à roues alignées, ont pris une place grandissante dans pratiquement toutes les disciplines du roller. Mais cet inusable roller quatre roues, considéré comme tout terrain en raison du nombre de pratiques dans lesquelles il peut être utilisé, revient de plus en plus à la mode et a même encore de beaux jours devant lui.

As proof, considered as the skates of hockey par excellence, the quad roller is still the only type of roller admitted by the International Federation in rink hockey. In addition, you can also wear them for your roller skating tours, pedometer on the wrist. Finally, those who practice roller derby in team sports, or roller derby individually, still use quad roller skates, in-line figure skates being banned in particular by the French Federation of Roller and Skateboard (FFRS) .

And, even if opinions are divided, a good number of practitioners believe that this is the ideal type of skates for learning to rollerblade… Moreover, they are still easily found at the moment, available in all sizes and shapes. , colors, whether Kids Rollerblading, rollerblading woman...

Which shoes to choose?

One of the main strengths of quad roller skating lies in the great variety of shoes on all four wheels and your choice will depend on the use you make of it. There are indeed three types, giving rise to a wide variety of shapes, styles and colors:

The boots: otherwise known as skate shoes, they are said to be the ideal shoes for artistic roller skating. But we also find these high shoes in roller dance or, mainly in the United States, in roller fitness, that is to say in rollerblading.

The hulls: these are inline skate shells mounted on quads. Rather low shoes, they provide good support and leave the ankle free, which promotes good thrust in disciplines requiring speed. We thus find roller derby players, but also speed skating and slalom practitioners, wearing this kind of skates.

The sneakers : mounting basketball on quads is quite common. The result is quite convincing in more acrobatic practices. There are even many other types of shoes with wheels, in particular tennis or football shoes mounted in particular on children's quad bikes. Meeting on our page dedicated to roller shoes for more information on the subject.

At the same time, without prejudging the size of the skates you will choose, be prepared to provide other accessories, in this case for tightening your quads. Because if the boots, thanks to their lacing device, already offer good support for your feet, from your toes to the ankles, and the shells offer great precision, other sports shoes may well require another tightening system including the velcro and the micrometric ball, a sort of adjustable length tab.

Moreover, in terms of safety, this type of accessory should be raised to the same rank as other roller skating protective equipment such as the roller helmet, elbow pads, knee pads, or even the crash pad.

Our # 1 choice
Sfr Skates SFR Star Skate Bag Bag for Roller Skates Unisex Adult, Mixed, Blue / Red, One Size
  • Sfr skates backpack
  • Adult unisex skating bag
  • Sfr Star skate bag (bag250)

What about the wheels?

When you plan to buy quad rollerblades, another factor can also guide you: the wheels. Simply because knowing their characteristics will allow you to choose the best quads for your activity.

In general, the width, diameter and hardness of the wheels are the parameters to be taken into account at this level, particularly if you are a fan of roller sports, the wear can be greater and faster if you practice very regularly. However, so that they wear less, you can target your skate purchase on your main practice by remembering a few principles:

  • the larger the diameter of a wheel, the more speed you can have, but less stability;
  • the harder the wheel, the more you slip and, if it is softer, it offers more grip;
  • finally, the wider the wheel, the more stability it will give you.

What to say? Ideally, for indoor practices such as roller derby, quads with hard wheels (94A to 98A, or even up to 100A) will be preferred.

In addition, it should be remembered that if the so-called standard diameter is 62 mm, we can find wheels at 63 mm in speed skating, but, on the other hand at 60 mm or even 50 mm in figure skating.

Finally, it should be noted that quads with wheels with smaller widths (from 38 mm to 43 mm) will be recommended for example in speed skating, while those whose wheels are measured at 31 mm or 32 mm will be very useful in slalom. . In any case, to find out more, you can visit our section dedicated to roller wheels.

Our # 1 choice
Roller Derby - FireStar V2.0 Roller Skates, white / pink, UK 3 / EU 35
  • Shoes: Comfortable sports design with luxury padding and heel stabilizer.
  • Closure: Powerstrap velcro and laces.
  • Axle block ?: torsion system.
  • Wheels: urethane, 54 x 28 mm.
  • Bearing ?: Excellerator.

The turntables, an important element of your quad

Quad roller frames, equipped with an axle, each have their own characteristic. So if these are figure skates, among other things, the decks will include a pad designed to reduce jolting when performing a trick, almost exactly as with hockey skates.

For speed roller skates and touring roller skates, their peculiarities will consist respectively in the presence of a truck which allows to change very quickly wheels or bearings (sometimes during sliding), and of a stop exclusively intended for the braking.

But in general, many quad roller skates with nylon frames are sold by entry-level online sporting goods stores, while those that come with extruded aluminum frames tend to be higher-end.

Attention, many practitioners have already done the test and indicated that the nylon plates are not necessarily fragile. On the contrary, while having the advantage of being lighter, they can last just as well as the aluminum frames which are sure to be able to serve for a long time. Now it will all depend on your budget.

Don't forget: bearings

Finally, to further refine your choice, also keep an eye on the bearings side. And, as such, know that the ABEC standard (Annular Bearing Engineers Committee) remains a reference in the field. This classification can range from ABEC 1, 3, 5, 7, 9, 11 and the higher the scale, the more the bearings are considered to be of good quality.

More exactly, this standard indicates the tolerance index of ball bearings. Thus, the higher the number, the lower the tolerance and the more precision and efficiency will be obtained in the movements of the roller.

However, it should also be remembered that lubrication plays a major role in the functioning of bearings, as it contributes in particular to reducing friction and thus prevents your bearings from wearing out too quickly.

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