Top 10 best men's roller skating 2018

 Gentlemen, the craving for a new pair of men's skates has been nagging your mind for some time, but are you having trouble making up your mind or are you having all the trouble in the world finding skates at your feet? This buying guide has been designed especially for you. Discover our reviews, tests and top 10 of the best inline skates for men.

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RAVEN Roller Advance Ajustable et modulable Noir/Menthe, 38 au 42, sans Patin a Glace
  • Roues : 76 mm PU (35-39), 80 mm (38-42), roulements à billes en carbone Abec7, dureté du caoutchouc 82A.
  • Double mousse - L'intérieur de la chaussure est fabriqué en mousse « Level-2 Foam ».
  • Construction de la chaussure avec système Trust-Fit, châssis en aluminium, coque en polycarbonate très légère et stable.
  • Système double Vent - Le chausson est très bien ventilé, DSAS - Double système d'absorption des chocs.
  • Fermeture sécurisée à 3 niveaux par boucle, lacets et sangle.
Our choice n ° 2
Roces RC1 Classic Roller Roller Skates, For Women and Men, Adult Quad Skates
  • Classic roller skates: Roces RC1 unisex 4-wheel roller skates, stylish and classic, with leather lace-up shoes, have high quality components and provide exceptional skating fun
  • 8-Hole Synthetic Anatomical Running Boots: 4-wheel skates come with 8-hole anatomically shaped synthetic running shoes made of soft synthetic leather, flat laces, 3 extra hooks and a durable PVC sole
  • High Quality Polypropylene Composite: The frame and plate of our retro roller skate shoes are made of polypropylene (PP) composite, and the soft polyurethane (PU) toe stops ensure smooth and safe braking
  • Sturdy Wheels: Women's and Men's Roller Skates feature solid 54 x 32mm / 85A wheels, made of durable, molded polyurethane (PU) for safe and reliable skating performance
  • Wheels with ABEC 5 bearings: the roller skates for men and women are equipped with ABEC 5 bearings and the upper part in eco-leather perfectly completes the concept of these 4-wheel skates
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Beard Care Kit for Men, Derma Roller Beard Growth Activator Serum Beard Balm Beard Comb Beard Scissors 5 in 1 Beard Care Gift for Men
  • 【kit barbe homme complet】 Professionnel conçu pour la barbe des hommes, le kit de soins de barbe 6 en 1 de Jane Choi contient presque tous les outils pour la croissance et le soin de la barbe. Le sérum activateur de croissance de barbe*1, rouleau à barbe*1, baume à barbe*1, peigne à barbe*1, ciseaux à barbe*1. C'est également un cadeau parfait pour un homme, un père, un mari, un petit ami ou un fiancé.
  • 【Le sérum activateur】Le sérum activateur de barbe contient des ingrédients actifs 100 % naturels (biotine et arginine) qui a été prouvé dans une étude clinique qu'il a une fonction de Améliorer dans la pousse des barbe. La quantité de barbe peut être augmentée en moyenne de 13500 et sa densité augmente de 52% en 30 jours. Ajoutez-le au panier, vous obtiendrez des barbes plus longues, plus viriles et plus elle saura bientôt que vous êtes le roi lion
  • 【Ingrédients naturels purs 】:L'huile d'arbre à thé, l'extrait de rhizome de curcuma, la vitamine H et les actifs naturels de vitamine B2 sont sélectionnés pour leurs puissants effets . Il est naturel, Pure et naturelle, elle est inodore, douce et saine pour votre peau et peut la protéger. Nos produits ne contiennent pas de parfums et de parabènes, de colorants ou de produits chimiques nocifs. Vous pouvez utiliser nos kits de barbe en toute confiance
  • ? 0.3mm Derma Roller 540 needles will accelerate the growth of your beard. The 540 titanium needles create thousands of microscopic channels and activate the body's natural healing process. It increases blood circulation, stimulates dormant follicles and maximizes the absorption of serum.
  • 【kit barbe cadeau】 Avec ce kit de toilettage de barbe complet,Garde votre visage et votre peau hydratés, nourris, lisses* et guéris. Adoucit, élimine les démangeaisons et les pellicules .C'est également un cadeau parfait pour un homme, un père, un mari, un petit ami ou un fiancé.
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COFIT Motorcycle Gloves, Full-Finger Touchscreen Gloves for Motorcycle Racing, ATV, Climbing, Hunting, Hiking and Other Outdoor Sports - Black M
  • Outdoor gloves: ideal for motorcycle racing, mountain biking, climbing, motocross, training, etc.
  • Designed for Touchscreens: Contains conductive metal fibers on the index finger and thumb, works with all touchscreen devices.
  • Full Protection: With joint protection and palm pad, provides great protection for your hands.
  • PERFECT GRIP AND CONTROL: Decorative design with wear-resistant silicone gel in the palm, which increases the grip grip of your handlebars.
  • COMFORTABLE AND BREATHABLE: Made with materials that let your hands breathe, with ventilation holes for better air flow, suitable for use in all seasons.

Purchase guide

The men's rollerblade that will fit you like a glove

You want to trade your old skates for a new pair more suited to your practice of rollerblading, or you are simply considering devoting yourself to a discipline. But the purchase of a rollerblade can sometimes be particularly tedious for a man, because if he can embark on all the existing rollerblading practices, paradoxically, it often happens to him to face many difficulties to find the skates that suit him.

Indeed, when we say that rollerblading is a sport where gender parity rules, men are present in practically all disciplines.

As proof, the French Federation of roller and skateboard (FFRS) lists a little more than 60,000 licensees, of which more than half are men. Among these practitioners, while women are extremely represented in the leisure dimension, in particular in roller skating, as well as in the artistic component (roller dance, figure skating) and finally in team sports such as roller derby, men remain in the majority in other disciplines. In this case in rink hockey, speed skating, aggressive skating, freeride, slalom ...

Size matters

One of the main problems that a man can encounter when buying a roller skates is with the shoes, more precisely the size. And for good reason, whether it is hard-shell skates, boots or semi-rigid shoes, size can sometimes be an obstacle.

First, determine your shoe size. To do this, on a sheet of paper placed on the floor, place your right foot or your left foot. Then make a pencil mark at the ends, i.e. at the toe and heel, then measure the distance between the two ends with a ruler or tape measure. The result obtained, which you will round off by adding the 2 or 3mm above, will represent your size in cm. Now you can immediately refer to the product sheet of the roller skates you plan to buy to see if you will be able to put them on.

Afterwards, if you are still in the midst of researching before buying inline skates, take the exercise one step further to define your size in other standards, for example American. So take your shoe size in cm which you will divide by 0.66 and you're done!

Small feet or big size?

Now, you should know that when it comes to men's skates, the size starts most of the time at size 39. So what to do for those who wear a 38 or even a 37 (yes, that can happen)? The solution can come from the side of the roller woman. Indeed, you have the possibility of choosing female models which, it should be noted, generally have slightly more raised heels. In other words, turn to these smaller skates, but available in more neutral or "mixed" tones: black gray, gray red, black green, black red, blue black, blue red ... This kind of color is always more masculine.

Conversely, if you have the particularity of having large feet, know that the best brands, in this case Roces or Rollerblade, offer in online stores, size XL rollers, sometimes from 48 to 52. .

Our # 1 choice
Black Crevice Skirolli, Polaire à Skirolli Homme, Bleu (blue - blue/silver), S (Taille fabricant: 48)
236 Commentaires
Black Crevice Skirolli, Polaire à Skirolli Homme, Bleu (blue - blue/silver), S (Taille fabricant: 48)
  • Matière : 100% polyester micropolaire
  • Poids : 170 g/m² Col montant avec fermeture éclair
  • Très doux, respectueux de la peau
  • Respirant, bonne isolation thermique
  • Emballage original

Put on ... slippers

Either way, while some people say that you should buy inline skates one size above your normal shoe size, many other connoisseurs say that the skates have to be exactly your size so that once in it you can maintain control, but also have good support and stability.

Moreover, with technological developments helping, many skates currently have thermoformable liners which, like adjustable size skates, automatically adapt to your feet. You can also direct your research on this criterion, because no need for padding, this system perfectly compensates for the absence of adjustable skates for adults, as is the case in children's skates (go to our section on progressive skating for more information on the subject).

Preserve your equipment

Now all you have to do is position your purchase in relation to your practice of rollerblading. Indeed, even if many consider that the skates used in roller fitness can be versatile, the requirements in terms of equipment for roller skating vary from one discipline to another: inline skates for skating fans, freestyle roller…; or the quad roller to practice in particular artistic roller skating, rink hockey and roller derby which is an almost exclusively female sport, but which does not however exclude men. If you want to know more, you can visit our page dedicated to rollerblading.

Our # 1 choice
NHAO Patin à roulettes pour Femme Hommes Adultes Patin à roulettes High Top Patins Quad Intérieur Extérieur 4 Roues Roller Derby roulettes Chaussures de Patinage,Black Wheel,38
  • Matériaux de haute qualité: en cuir résistant à l'usure de haute qualité, pas facile à porter et tomber. Nos patins à roulettes ont également un appui solide, ne se fissure pas et pause, peut prendre en charge 220lb, durable ..
  • Roues résistant à l'usure: Ce patins à roulettes est équipé de quatre roues. PU roue de rebond élevé, ce qui est très approprié pour divers environment.You peut patiner à l'intérieur et à l'extérieur stable et sûr ..
  • Sécurité: Equipé de 5 roulements ABEC, plus sûr, plus stable et plus confortable pour vos pieds. La ligne double classique et quatre roues sont très simple pour les débutants. rollers intermédiaires peuvent jouer de meilleures performances grâce à ces deux paires de patins à roulettes ..
  • Double-rangée Conception: Notre rouleau double rangée classique derby patins sont plus sûrs et plus stables que les patins à roulettes en ligne droite, idéal pour les débutants et les femmes ou les hommes qui veulent apprendre facilement le patin à roulettes. Acheter une paire, vous pouvez profiter du plaisir de patin à roulettes ..
  • patins intérieurs et extérieurs: roues en polyuréthane de haute qualité et les protège-pieds sont idéales pour une utilisation intérieure et extérieure, et roulements semi-précision vous permettent de rouler en douceur et rapidement.

This precision is useful in more than one way, among other things because your skates have a certain number of wearing parts including wheels, ball bearings, buffer brake, spacers ... The use of a type of roller not adapted to your main practice would considerably accelerate the deterioration of your equipment despite the regular maintenance and repair that you plan to do. To help you decide, what weights and shocks to bear, what braking system, etc. are the questions you will need to answer when making your purchase.

Finally, it is simply a question of ensuring your own safety since you will not be able, for example, to put on skates with 90mm or 100mm wheels to perform aggressive roller skating tricks. As such, you should always plan when you buy to include the necessary protection set to be able to skate in complete safety, in particular: protective helmet, elbow pads, wrist protection, mittens, knee pads, leggings, and why not plastron and crash pad if your budget allows it.

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