How to install a wireless doorbell?

As the name suggests, a wireless doorbell no longer binds to its chime through a wire. With this property, it becomes more convenient and less embarrassing.

In addition, we save a lot of time by moving in a wireless doorbell rather than a doorbell carrying with it a whole bag of cables, electric wires, etc. Therefore, the wireless doorbell only takes about ten minutes to assemble.

Pour couronner le tout, l’installation d’une sonnette sans fil procure plus de facilité qu’une sonnette filaire. Comment alors procède-t-on pour la mise en place de cet outil à la fois pratique, commode d’utilisation et simple à monter ?

Select the location of the doorbell

Before starting to install the wireless doorbell, you will first need to determine the range of the doorbell button with its chime, as well as other criteria (here)

A length of 10 to 30 meters will be satisfactory if the wireless doorbell is placed directly on the front door. Indeed, one can easily hear ringing at this distance because the bell and the chime have a great proximity.

On the other hand, the maximum distance of a push button from a bell remains multiple depending on its brand and its quality.

If we install the bell on the gate for example, we can find bells that can withstand a distance of up to 200 meters from its chime. However, the thickness of the walls has the possibility of weakening the initial distance.

Give a place to each chime

When the distance has been determined, it is now high time to find out how many chimes are needed to place in the house.

Indeed, we can also put chimes for rooms in the house. You must then choose strategic locations, respecting the distance limit imposed by the wireless doorbell, while ensuring that the ringing can be heard.

In addition, placing a chime on each floor, and also a little further away is advisable to continue hearing the chime. Placing the chime close to the ceiling will help the sound to flow smoothly.

Arrange the button

Now that we have found the right distance, the place of the chime, all that remains is to arrange the doorbell button.

For that, it will be necessary to think carefully. On the one hand, installing the button at a distance of 1.5 meters from the ground will ensure its accessibility to everyone, especially those who will use wheelchairs. On the other hand, placing it at this distance will tend children to use it with ease.

Therefore, it is only up to the person installing the doorbell to decide how far to place it depending on their surroundings and the people they are around.

Finally, for a button inserted on a wall, solid plugs are used while for a less rigid button location, wood screws will suffice. Regarding tools, a drill, a ladder, screws and plugs are not to be neglected.