The rules for using Fimo clay

use of fimo clay

Fimo clay is one of the most popular creative hobbies for children for its many benefits. It is a kind of ultra-manageable polymer clay that is available in various colors and which allows you to recreate various shapes, from the most classic to the most elaborate. Before you start, you will still need to know the rules of use.

What is Fimo paste?

Fimo clay comes in plastic form and is very flexible to the touch. To harden, just bake it in a household oven. Offered in a variety of colors, Fimo is flexible to perfection and produces a mottled shade when kneaded together in different shades. Before starting, it is imperative to know the rules for using this polymer clay, which is used as a basic material for many creative hobbies.

Before starting, it is necessary to knead the Fimo clay well in your hands so that it becomes supple and thus easy to work.The ideal is to work it on baking paper, because the dough does not stick to this type of support.To avoid mottling, it is important to wash your hands when handling more than two different colors and to use a Fimo varnish as a finish so that the realization does not remain sticky even once stiffened and can be washed in the washing machine. - dishes without breaking.Regarding the baking of the Fimo paste, it suffices to spread it in a Fimo paste mold which will have been previously coated with parchment paper or adhesive plate before putting it in a household oven.In order for the heat to be distributed evenly, be sure to let the Fimo bake on rotating heat.In order for the Fimo to harden quickly, make sure to bake it for about 30 minutes at a temperature ranging from 110 to 130 ° in a pre-heated oven.The dough may still be a bit soft when it comes out of the oven, but it will harden when it cools.

How is the conservation of Fimo clay?

The conservation of Fimo paste is quite easy. It is enough not to expose it to great heat to prevent it from drying out and the ideal is to place the Fimo in a vacuum bag or in aluminum foil so that it retains its texture. It should be remembered that theuse of fimo clay must go hand in hand with the use of dedicated materials such as the knife, the roller, the glass plate or the baking sheet. It is also important to remember that the cooking time must be respected for the dough to harden. If there is any risk of fumes during cooking then children should be kept away, the oven turned off and all the windows opened so that the smoke can escape quickly.

Fimo clay allows you to make original creations that can then be used as toys or decorative objects. This activity definitely falls into the category of the most engaging and fun creative hobbies to try out as a family for good times of fun.

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