Top 3 best Roller Roces 2018

You have chosen to opt for a pair of Roces inline skates. It is very good. But to make your skate purchase even better, follow our buying guide with our reviews, test and top 3 of the best Roces inline skates.

Our # 1 choice
Roces Jokey 2.0 Girl 26/29 - Roller en Ligne, Fille, Couleur : Blanc/Rose/Violet
  • EASY SIZE ADJUSTMENT: Our Jokey 2.0 girls roller skates can be easily adjusted in 4 sizes with a push button, so that the right size can be perfectly adjusted anytime during the growing phase
  • Micrometric Buckle Closure: Thanks to the high quality micrometric buckle, Velcro strap and premium strong laces, our girls roller skates provide exceptional skating fun
  • Wheels with ABEC 3 bearings: the inline skates for girls are fitted with ABEC 3 bearings and the POM washers are particularly light and perfectly complement the concept of these children's skates
  • Comfortable Padding: The lining of the girls inline skates is very comfortable, thanks to the soft and anatomical padding and the special children's insole, without leaving blisters or pressure marks
  • High Quality Durable Polyurethane Shell: Children's inline skates provide safe and strong protection, especially for beginners, thanks to the sturdy polyurethane shell
Our choice n ° 2
Roces Orlando III 400687 Kids Rollerblades Red 25/29
  • Adjustable size - Soft liner
  • 2 memory loops
  • Nylon shell with ventilation
  • Slo Memory Padded Boot
  • Unitech Platinum
PromoOur choice n ° 3
Roces Patins 52 Star Roller Skates Patins à roulettes Street FR:38 Pink/Violet
  • Tendance Street rollers Kate avec halbhohem schnürstiefel et composants de qualité
  • anatomis ergonomique 7 trous extérieur au look rétro original 70ies Shiny chaussures en ampoule eco Mesh avec lacets plat 3 crochet supplémentaire nösen et PVC Semelle
  • Cadre en composite PP robuste, trucks en composite, butoir en polyuréthane
  • Roues : 54 x 32 mm, dureté 85 A, PVC
  • Roulement à billes 608z ABEC 1

Purchase guide

How to choose your Roces inline skates?

 Roces is one of the best brands of inline skates on the market. With long experience, more than 65 years to be precise, this Italian firm has never ceased to innovate and position itself as a pioneer in the field. Turning to Roces when planning to buy inline skates is therefore a good idea. Our buying advice ...

A big rollerblading size

Over the years, Roces has developed many models of skates, with the main asset of having a historical past in the footwear, ski boots and ice skates industry ... In short, a big name in terms of board sport. In fact, it was in 1981 that the brand created its first model of inline skates, marking the birth, subsequently, of new types of inline skates, not to mention its range of quad skates.

In other words, Roces has on its shelves everything that is done in roller skating and can thus meet all requests, whatever the discipline: aggressive skating, speed skating, roller derby, roller hockey, roller skating. fitness, all-terrain skating, freeride skates, slalom ...

The offers are also aimed at all target categories, whether it is girl roller skates, boy roller skates, adults ...

All with values ??such as comfort, stability and innovation as key words.

Skates to start and learn rollerblading

Roces has worked a lot, in particular in the design of children's roller skates, each time developing technologies intended to support the rapid development of the feet of these little skaters. In this case the process of remuneration for growth with the NRT-JR in 1994 or the improvement of the system of adjustable skates in 1999.

These include the Roces Inline-Skates Jokey 1.0 inline skates, available for boys and girls. Offered at attractive prices, they are equipped with flexible shoes and anatomical padding, a polypropylene shell, laces, micrometric buckle and hook-and-loop fastening.

But one of the most famous models in terms of children's skates and which still makes the happiness of many young people in 2018 is without a doubt the Roces Moody 4.0 skate. This model is topped with a soft boot and has wheels with a diameter of 72mm and a hardness of 82A, and ABEC 3-bearing bearings. As with any progressive roller, this roller is adjustable in 4 sizes.

And these inline skates are unanimous among parents and practitioners who do not skimp on compliments, notably mentioning quality, handling and good support, as well as ideal settings in terms of the principle of adjustable size.

When Roces rhymes with acrobatic

The brand has also brought a lot of aggression with the birth, in 1995, of the famous Majestic 12 which has steadily grown over the years.

At this level, the star this year will be the Roces M12 UFS model which will satisfy the rider that you are. With its rigid shell, its classic lacing closure device and tightening buckle, comfortable liner, soulplates, sole as well as its two 58mm wheels and two grind wheels, this pair of aggressive skates is perfect for getting started in your slide and grind in street, skatepark and ramp (visit our page on freestyle skating).

The reactions of those who have already trusted these skates are not mistaken: comfort, sturdiness, water-resistant materials, quality of the bearings, or the simple and quick closing system ... are all points raised by practitioners. who have already had the opportunity to wear Roces M12 UFS.

By the way, Roces has also, since the early 2000s, started producing roller skating protective equipment, including roller skating helmets, knee pads, elbow pads, wrist guards, mittens, crash pad ...

Our # 1 choice
Roces M12 UFS Patins en Ligne, Confortable Rollers en Ligne, Mixte Adulte, Noir, 42 EU
  • Men's inline skates perfect for figures: Roces M12 UFS inline skates for adults are perfect for figures, thanks to the 2 special figure center wheels made with 97 % of recycled PVC and 3 % of black masterbatch
  • Extremely durable, high-quality polyurethane shell and backing: Our aggressive heavy-duty men's skates provide the perfect base for aggressive skate tricks, thanks to the HGPU shell and backing
  • Safe and Secure Closure: Thanks to the comfortable memory aluminum buckle and aggressive Roces lacing, the men's inline skates provide safe and solid stability when skating in the skatepark
  • Comfortable Liner Padding: The men's skates are designed with our anatomical and removable Slo-Memory Foam Roces "Street" liner, padded with recycled 100 % polyurethane
  • Aggressive inline wheels with ABEC 5 bearings: the inline skates for adults are fitted with 2x Roces 58mm 88A wheels and 2x central aggressive figure wheels; aluminum washers are lightweight and durable

The quad not to be outdone

Originally specializing in inline skates, Roces diversified its activities considerably during the same period to focus on the production of other board sports articles, notably skateboards and scooters, but also quad skates.

In this regard, the firm has a wide range of products, a number of which are unisex models, topped with various shoes such as boots, sneakers and even sneakers. They range from the famous Kolossal to the Ollie, including the Disco Palace, RC1, Mania, 52 Star, Clash… for leisure activities or roller sports such as rink hockey.

That said, the Soy Luna are the most popular quad skates produced and marketed by Roces, especially since they are entry-level. These have indeed had the merit of reviving some somewhat forgotten practices of rollerblading, in this case roller disco and roller dance, thanks to the eponymous successful series (to find out more, see our section on rollerblading for girls). Still popular with teenage girls, these rollerblades are notably equipped with high-top shoes, comfortable slippers and polyurethane brake pads.

Our # 1 choice
Roces RC1 Classic Roller Roller Skates, For Women and Men, Adult Quad Skates
  • Classic roller skates: Roces RC1 unisex 4-wheel roller skates, stylish and classic, with leather lace-up shoes, have high quality components and provide exceptional skating fun
  • 8-Hole Synthetic Anatomical Running Boots: 4-wheel skates come with 8-hole anatomically shaped synthetic running shoes made of soft synthetic leather, flat laces, 3 extra hooks and a durable PVC sole
  • High Quality Polypropylene Composite: The frame and plate of our retro roller skate shoes are made of polypropylene (PP) composite, and the soft polyurethane (PU) toe stops ensure smooth and safe braking
  • Sturdy Wheels: Women's and Men's Roller Skates feature solid 54 x 32mm / 85A wheels, made of durable, molded polyurethane (PU) for safe and reliable skating performance
  • Wheels with ABEC 5 bearings: the roller skates for men and women are equipped with ABEC 5 bearings and the upper part in eco-leather perfectly completes the concept of these 4-wheel skates

New products again and again

As already mentioned, Roces has made innovation and originality one of its values. Among the recent novelties offered by the brand are the invisible frames of the Roces X35 3 × 110 TIF which, as a result, constitute one of the flagship products of 2018 for freeride practitioners. These extruded aluminum frames and accommodating 3 wheels of 110mm actually exist, but were painted in the colors of the wheels. A simple visual effect therefore gives this impression of invisibility.

In the same vein, the company recently launched new ranges of inline skates, including the one called "Icon" which has in this case a composite frame (fiberglass and polypropylene) and the "Pic "which is aimed at those who practice rollerblading in spurts.

Among all these offers, you will certainly find rollerblades at your feet, the Roces brand skates can be sold second-hand or in new condition on online sales sites.

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