Top 10 best roller street 2018

Difficult to sort through the existing offers in roller street? Here is our top 10, our reviews, tests and buying guide, to help you find the best street roller.

Our # 1 choice
Roces M12 UFS Inline Skates for Men, Comfortable Inline Skates, Adult, Black
  • Parfaits pour le grind
  • Coque dure pour rue, les parcs ou pour les pipes
  • Fermeture avec boucle mémoire et laçage
  • Chausson rembourré Slo-memory
  • 2 roues 58mm / 88 A et 2 roues Grind - Roulements ABEC 5 - Spacers en aluminium
Our choice n ° 2
Rollerblade Roller Street NJR 2018 Black Green (40-41)
  • ROLLERBLADE Roller street NJR 2018 Black green The RB NJR 2018 is an adjustable skate for children thanks to an addition of foam to be detached at the front of the liner to enlarge the size. Technical characteristics: Practices: street / skatepark / ramp Boot: hardshell (plastic) coverboot Tightening system: buckles, strap and laces Liner: RB Shock absorber: yes integrated into the sole Soulplate: RB monoblock Platinum: Blank Wheels: RB 58mm / 9
Our choice n ° 3
YZU Rollers en ligne pour adulte avec une rangée de lames de roller, chaussures professionnelles en fibre de carbone, pour débutants, sports de plein air, pour homme et femme, bleu, 44, noir, 38
  • ★ Roues intérieur/extérieur : ces patins disposent de roues en uréthane de 76 mm qui fourniront un « roulement » parfait sur n'importe quelle surface ; de la rue à la patio.
  • Roulement lisse : nos patins sont dotés de roulements en carbone de haute qualité pour un mouvement fluide et une conduite réactive. Ces patins sont parfaits pour le street hockey, le roller derby et tous les types de patinage en ligne.
  • ★ Semelles intérieures en caoutchouc absorbant les chocs : patins en ligne professionnels avec coussinets en caoutchouc souple intégrés dans le talon pour réduire l'impact fort sur le talon pendant l'entraînement.
  • ★ Le réservoir intérieur peut être retiré et lavé : rollers adultes avec une éponge à mémoire de forme épaisse, un tissu en maille rafraîchissant et respirant, il peut être retiré directement dans l'eau pour le nettoyage.
  • Construit pour le confort : nos patins ont été conçus du sol pour offrir le parfait mélange de soutien et de confort. Cela est possible avec nos bottes souples respirantes.
Our choice n ° 4
GUOCU Roller Femme Homme pour Enfant Adolescent Adultes Rollers en Ligne à Taille Réglable Patins Area,Rose,S(27-32)
  • ? Brake - a special material that spins after a pair of inefficient braking longer and protects.
  • ? Stylish Cool Playing, with 8-wheel full flash PU fashion design, brings you wonderful roller skating experience.
  • ? Multi aeration - Specially developed ventilation openings.
  • ? A length panel, with which you can change the position of the foot when walking.
  • ? Safe - powerful and buckle closure buckle (Quick Lock), block the legs and prevent injuries.
Our choice n ° 5
USD Aggressive Skates Aeon 80 - 43-44
  • USD Roller Street AEON 80 Noir 2018 Nouveaux rollers Aeon powerblading en 80mm noir pour allier longues ballades et tricks de street. Nouvelle technologie développé par USD, le modèle Aeon est un roller conçu en un seul moule (non UFS) rendant la structure solide et extrêmement légère. Le centre de gravité est réduit au plus bas grâce à sa conception en un seul bloc. Caractéristiques techniques: Usage: street/Skatepark/Randonnée Boot : monobloc Chaussons : MyFit Skinny Serrage: boucles
Our choice n ° 6
KRF Aggressive Pre Inline Roller Black 44
  • soft boots
  • Guide EN
  • PU wheels 57 x 25 mm
  • PU brake
  • ABEC 5 bearings 
Our choice n ° 7
Hot Wheels Duck n' Roll Street Beasts 2/10 2020
  • 🔥 Hot Wheels 🔥 est une ligne de voitures jouets à l'échelle d'une société américaine de jouets, lancée en 1964. Elle se distingue par ses conceptions et ses détails de voitures qui attirent l'attention.
  • 📏 L'échelle de la voiture est de 1:64 - Conserver la taille traditionnelle pour profiter des courses les plus emblématiques
  • ⚙ Série de voitures de course 👌 Cette série de voitures Hot Wheels rassemble une collection des voitures les plus exclusives 🔝 sur le marché

Purchase guide

Choosing the right street skates

Buying street skates, an obstacle course? Absolutely not ! Make it easier for yourself by following our buying tips.

Symbol of urban skiing

Roller street is the urban spirit par excellence. Indeed, more than any other discipline such as rollerblading, speed skating, roller hockey, roller derby, rink hockey, or figure skating, this specialty could, by itself, embody the sport aspect of rollerblading in an urban environment.

Because at the base, street roller skating is practiced, as the name suggests, in the street: the rider evolves in the city and uses its elements, infrastructures, street furniture and other obstacles to make it a sliding ground and of acrobatic figure. In other words, practitioners engage in a succession of tricks on a course. In competition, each passage takes place in a skate park, in a well-defined time and is scored on the basis of a certain number of criteria such as the level of difficulty of the figures, the way to use the sliding area, the style…

Avant de pouvoir s’aligner face aux riders déjà rompus à cette spécialité, on doit avoir déjà maîtrisé les fondamentaux du roller (avancer, faire demi-tour, ralentir, sauter, freiner…). Puis, si nécessaire, apprendre le roller street au sein des structures reconnues par la Fédération française de roller et skateboard (FFRS), lesquelles se chargeront de vous initier aux subtilités de cette discipline. Cela peut être un roller club ou une école de patinage qui, même pour un cours d’initiation ou de perfectionnement, exigera d’entrée le port d’un set de protection roller adéquat : casque roller, coudières, protège-poignet, genouillères, jambières, protège-tibias… Des équipements qui, en définitive, collent très bien au code vestimentaire de cette pratique, le streetwear.

An "absorber" material

It is therefore clear that rollerblading is a demanding discipline. And so is the hardware. A watchword to follow when buying roller skates: solid.

And for good reason, by dint of slide, grip and jump, your skates must be able to withstand shocks. To do this, when it comes to shoes first, opt, if you are new to the hard shell, which will give you good support. On the other hand, experienced riders can flock to semi-rigid shoes which are sometimes equipped with slippers incorporated into the shell. Ideally, prefer a replaceable liner.

In terms of size, even on the street, there are adjustable inline skates for children who grow up quickly (see our page on progressive skating). This option does not exist for adults for whom it is rather advisable to put on skates close to the feet in order to minimize the risk of friction.

Our # 1 choice
Rollerblade Roller Street NJR 2018 Black Green (40-41)
  • ROLLERBLADE Roller street NJR 2018 Black green The RB NJR 2018 is an adjustable skate for children thanks to an addition of foam to be detached at the front of the liner to enlarge the size. Technical characteristics: Practices: street / skatepark / ramp Boot: hardshell (plastic) coverboot Tightening system: buckles, strap and laces Liner: RB Shock absorber: yes integrated into the sole Soulplate: RB monoblock Platinum: Blank Wheels: RB 58mm / 9

The base of the hull of your inline skates must also include soulplates which, non-existent on the old models, will allow you to perform a soul slide in the best conditions. And, always so that your skates can better withstand any kind of shock, strengthen your lacing system using a tightening device and, at this level, we will favor the micrometric metal buckle.

The little extra: an overboot that will cover part of your hull and which will only be there to improve the visual appearance of your skates, but which will not provide any real added value in terms of the shocks received.

Wheels, bearings: the choice is yours

When it comes to wheels for street skating, although the diameter of 52mm to 60mm (and therefore fairly small wheels) is unanimous among riders, the hardness recommended or used in reality is not the same for everyone.In reality, it is essentially a matter of choice and while as a general rule this hardness varies between 88A and 100A, some will choose the option of the softer wheels of 88A-89A which will allow good slide grip, but which will tend to wear out faster, while others will look to the 90A-100A range, harder wheels, which will grip less, but will last longer. our section on roller skates.

Note that for better wedging on bars or walls, see if the rollers have an anti rocker or not. This prevents the original wheels from locking up due to their size and spacing, and allows them to be replaced with smaller wheels.

As for bearings, almost all practitioners have a clear opinion on the subject: their precision is not really a criterion of choice in the acquisition of street skates, given their use which makes bearings with balls the main wear parts of this type of pad. Still, in the street, we will recommend ABEC 3 or, at the limit, ABEC 5.

Our # 1 choice
Powerslide Kids Roller Skate USD Transformer Skates Kids
  • USD Roller Street TRANSFORMER Black Red The USD Transformer roller skate is an adjustable skate for children in period of growth, on 4 sizes, with a small shell which goes from 33 to 36 and large shell from 37 to 40. An adjustable and solid children's skate, ideal for riding in a skatepark, on a ramp or on the street. Its softboot shell design combines the comfort of leather at the instep with the strength of plastic for the structure.

Other distinctive signs

As long as you do, look to the best brands sold by either a roller skate store or an online store. Despite everything, apart from the components that are generally found on all inline skates, in this case the retaining tongue on the shoe, the spacers, the axles ... street skates must have other distinctive elements, the presence of which may confirm your choice during your purchase.

Thus, more and more street skates have frames stamped with the UFS (Universal Frame System) standard, relating to the size of a roller frame. Therefore, give preference to pads that comply with this standard, on which plates can be installed, still of the UFS standard, but of a different brand. In other words, it will give you several possibilities of customization, so that you can transform your skates at will according to your practice, your style of gliding ...

And, to be able to wedge as well as possible between the wheels, in particular to slide on a bar or when performing a grind, your skates must have an H-Block, easily recognizable, because having the shape of a notch located between the two wheels. middle. This element has the particularity of being removable on most current street or aggressive skates, if this was not really the case on the old models.

Finally, always to allow the best setting, require that your street skates have a groove, a notch of the same shape, but dug on the side above the H-Block. You can obviously carve your groove yourself, but it will impact the aesthetics of your roller skates, especially if you are one of those who prefer to keep them in their new condition.

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