Top 10 best girl roller skating 2018 

Having trouble making the right choice of rollerblading girl? Don't panic, we're here to help. Discover our top 10 of the best girls' skates, as well as our tests, reviews and buying guide to make the right choice.

Our # 1 choice
PromoOur choice n ° 2
Hudora - 22042 - Roller skates - My First Quad Girl - Size 26-29
  • Size: 26-29
  • Shockproof aluminum chassis
  • TPR toe cap on each shoe
  • Material: plastic
Our choice n ° 3
Disney Frozen Kit de Protection de vélo pour Fille Violet Taille S (7-12 Ans)
  • Taille S (7-12 ans).
  • Le kit comprend : protections pour poignets, coudes et genoux.
  • Réglage par velcro.
  • La Reine des neiges.
Our choice n ° 4
YUFENGDING Patins à roulettes pour Filles et garçons pour Les garçons et Les Filles Unisexes intérieures et extérieures White wheel-A-37
  • 【Skates à rouleaux classiques】 Belle apparence, design à la mode, des détails uniques et une lumière réfractée colorée éblouissante, ont confirmé que c'est bien le meilleur compagnon de vous rendre confiant et heureux.
  • 【Doublure respirante】 Le corps de patins à double rangée est constitué de maille respirant et la large distribution de pores permet au pied d'avoir suffisamment d'air pour respirer. Le matériau de doublure est doux et respirant, et non du pied bouché. Il fait que vos pieds se sentent aussi à l'aise que de marcher sur un nuage.
  • 【Patins à rouleaux parfaits】 Double rangée Skates Il y a une colonne de support à l'avant, qui convient parfaitement aux débutants. Il peut mieux maintenir le contrôle et le freiner rapidement. Cette structure garantit que le support ne sera pas endommagé.
  • 【Roues éclairantes】 Les 8 roues de lames à rouleaux sont allumées lorsque les patins à double rangée fonctionnent. Vous devez l'aimer quand ils montaient ces patins sur les lumières colorées.
  • 【Cadeau idéal】 Les patins à rouleaux dans des couleurs extrêmement vibrantes sont les cadeaux parfaits pour les enfants, les garçons, les filles et les petits amis, les copines ou les membres de la famille. Il est également idéal pour le patinage à la glace intérieure et le patinage extérieur.
Our choice n ° 5
CMP Ski Rolli 39L2525 Haut Garçon, Aquamint-Mint-Fuxia Fluo, 8-9 Ans
  • Demi-col zippé pour enfant
  • Matériau : carbone imprimé
  • Doux et moelleux à porter
  • Élastique
  • Forme parfaitement adaptée

Purchase guide

How to choose a girl rollerblading?

Goodbye dolls and other games and toys for little girls, because yours wants to go rollerblading. But what kind of roller skates to buy? To help you sort through all the available offers, here is our buying guide.

The girls are present

Rollerblading isn't just for men. As proof, a little less than half of the number of licensees identified by the French Federation of roller and skateboard (FFRS) are women and girls. There are a little more than 25,000 practitioners of all ages to devote themselves to the various disciplines of roller skating: roller racing, figure skating, hiking rollerblading, rink hockey, freestyle rollerblading, roller derby ...

In short, even in the minority in certain practices or specialties such as aggressive rollerblading, freeride or slalom, they are indeed present and perfectly active, just like boys and men.

Specific pads

For the same practice, girls 'rollerblades must nevertheless have some particularities compared to men's rollerblades and boy's rollerblades, the difference being mainly linked to the skaters' sizes. The principle being that for small children and practitioners, you need roller skates that are not too powerful.

In this regard, a girl is generally shorter, therefore less stout and weighs less than a boy. This precision is all the more important when it comes to buying children's skates. We recommend roller skates with fairly short plates which, thanks to a frame closer to the ground, will be easier to maneuver for smaller riders. It is the same for the wheels which must be of smaller diameter. And if this is already the case in freestyle, the most acrobatic register of rollerblading (see our section on freestyle skating), this also applies in certain disciplines such as speed skating where we are most of the time dealing with oversized wheels: in other words, for it to have good stability, choose the low range anyway ( 84mm to 90mm, knowing that it can go up to 110mm, even 125mm), especially if it is a beginner. Obviously, the dimensions can be revised upwards depending on the skater and her level of practice.

The other components of the skates can have roughly the same characteristics as all children's skates: adjustable size skates (see our page dedicated to progressive skating), thermoformable slippers, tri skate or tricycle mode skates for very little girls, easy lacing and tightening system, polyurethane brake pad ... And roller buying criteria, more precisely with regard to the type of skates (quad roller or inline roller), depending on the discipline your daughter is going to practice.

Our # 1 choice

Appearance matters

Girls are much more attractive than anyone when it comes to outward appearance. To say that the aesthetic criterion also matters considerably. And, in order to give your child complete satisfaction, tell yourself how old she is and direct your research in that direction.

Thus, the youngest will undoubtedly enjoy putting on skates flanked by their favorite characters: the Frozen, Hello Kitty, Barbie, the Disney princesses, Minnie… timeless items that will always please a child girl.

Speaking of fashion, the impact of the Soy Luna series, this telenovela straight from Argentina telling the story of a little girl and her choreographic prowess in roller skating, has been such that the Fédération française de roller and skateboarding has seen the number of female practitioners skyrocket in a year and sales of kids' quad bikes really exploded last year given the number of girls who brought roller dance and roller disco up to date. It will even be noted that the RSMC at one point followed the wave and organized a number of activities revolving around the themes developed by this successful series.

For the older ones

Adolescent or simply older, a girl can engage in all disciplines and specialties of roller skating, in its leisure dimension or in sports rollerblades, even in aggressive, even the very masculine roller hockey. On the other hand, there is an almost exclusively feminine sport (even feminist in appearance), roller derby, the number of players of which has greatly increased in recent years under the impetus, also, of the 7th art, more exactly thanks to "Bliss", the first film to truly feature him.

Being a contact sport, its practice requires, like all other disciplines elsewhere and at any age, the wearing of an appropriate protective set: roller helmet, knee pads, elbow pads, wrist guard, leggings, protectors. - teeth ...

And, of course, for the older ones, exit the cartoon heroines to play more on the colors of the skates (black pink, gray red, gray pink, fuchsia, white blue ...) and on the types of shoes (boots, sneakers, sneakers…).

You have to choose between first-price rollerblades, or second-hand skates, in new or little-used condition, it being understood that the most famous brands (K2, Fila, Seba roller, Decathlon, etc.) offer roller skates girl.

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