Top 10 Best Aggressive Skating 2018

The rider that you are is looking for a new pair of aggressive rollerblading. We have selected the top 10 best aggressive skates, and designed a buying guide to help you make your choice.

Our choice n ° 3
Roller Skate Agressif Inline Manche Raglan
  • Lightweight, Regular fit, double-stitched sleeve and hem hem
Our choice n ° 4
Roller Skate Aggressive Inline Long Sleeve
  • Lightweight, Regular fit, double-stitched sleeve and hem hem
Our choice n ° 5
Apprendre : Le Roller agressif
  • GCB média (Actor)
  • Audience Rating: All public
Our choice n ° 6
Live: A Decade of Aggression
  • Rick Rubin (Producer)
PromoOur choice n ° 7
Roces M12 UFS Patins en Ligne, Confortable Rollers en Ligne, Mixte Adulte, Noir, 40 EU
  • Men's inline skates perfect for figures: Roces M12 UFS inline skates for adults are perfect for figures, thanks to the 2 special figure center wheels made with 97 % of recycled PVC and 3 % of black masterbatch
  • Extremely durable, high-quality polyurethane shell and backing: Our aggressive heavy-duty men's skates provide the perfect base for aggressive skate tricks, thanks to the HGPU shell and backing
  • Safe and Secure Closure: Thanks to the comfortable memory aluminum buckle and aggressive Roces lacing, the men's inline skates provide safe and solid stability when skating in the skatepark
  • Comfortable Liner Padding: The men's skates are designed with our anatomical and removable Slo-Memory Foam Roces "Street" liner, padded with recycled 100 % polyurethane
  • Aggressive inline wheels with ABEC 5 bearings: the inline skates for adults are fitted with 2x Roces 58mm 88A wheels and 2x central aggressive figure wheels; aluminum washers are lightweight and durable
Our choice n ° 10
Gimme Danger
  • Amazon Prime Video (Video on Demand)
  • Iggy Pop, Ron Asheton, Scott Asheton (Actors)
  • Jim Jarmusch (Director)

Purchase guide

The criteria for choosing an aggressive roller skating

Your aggressive old skates have given up and you are looking for a new pair. How to choose the best of aggressive skating? Discover our buying advice to help you in your research.

The acrobatic practice of rollerblading

Logical, it seems, if aggressive inline skates don't last long, given the use we make of them. Indeed, this sliding sport can easily represent on its own the extreme sports dimension of rollerblading: a succession of tricks, consisting in particular of slide and grind.

Moreover, regardless of the category of practice chosen, in this case roller street, skatepark or ramp, the equipment is always put to the test.

Is. But you should know that aggressive roller skates have been designed in such a way as to be able to withstand shocks and, of all inline skates, are thus among the strongest.

From wheels to shoes, through plates and other center distances, manufacturers have, over the years, continuously improved equipment by incorporating the very best in technology in order to increase its resistance. So there is no reason why your next pair shouldn't last, as long as you narrow down your choices.

Hard case, correct size

In general, aggressive skating shoes have a rigid shell, which is ideal especially when you are just starting out in the discipline due to the good support it offers the rider. On the other hand, and even if it does not really run the streets, some aggressive inline skates are flanked by a semi-rigid shell, very popular with seasoned skaters. More flexible, this type of shell offers a certain ease when performing a trick or a jump.

In terms of shoe size, it is recommended that you choose skates that suit your size, no more and no less because putting on skates in which your feet would float will make you lose control. Find out how to set your shoe size in our section dedicated to men's rollerblading.

Either way, aggressive skates, especially those with a soft / hard shell, have foam liners that get thinner over time. We therefore recommend a detachable liner to change it in case of wear. Finally, at the level of the closure, in addition to the lacing and the retaining tab, we recommend, as a tightening system, the micrometric metal buckle which is more able to withstand shocks and thus last longer.

Note that in aggressive skating, the hulls are currently normally all equipped, on their base, with a soulplate that allows the rider to perform a soul slide, that is to say when performing a slide on the surface between the hull and the plates. The fact that they did not exist before on the old models of skates is a criterion which will allow you to determine, when you buy, whether you are dealing with new model inline skates or not.

Ideal technical configurations

The wheels of an aggressive roller are different from those of other skates - from touring rollerblading, roller hockey, roller fitness or freeride - in that, in the whole circuit, they are the smallest.Indeed, they have a diameter between the range of 52mm-60mm, the objective being among other things to ensure a good balance after a trick.The shape of the wheel, otherwise the profile must also be taken into account and, unlike those found for example in roller fitness or roller hockey, thinner or more rounded, the wheels of an aggressive roller are practically flat, which allows for more stability and durability.

Side hardness, that of the wheels of the aggressive skates turns around 88A to 100A, in other words hard wheels which will wear less quickly and give the skates a good rolling, while too soft, a wheel will offer, of course, good grip. and some comfort but will tend to wear out faster.

At the same time, you should know that if you plan to specialize in street and ramp, prefer flat-mounted frames, that is to say that all four wheels touch the ground. On the other hand, for the skatepark, a configuration with two large wheels at the ends and two small wheels in the middle ends, in other words plates equipped with anti-rockers, will suit you better. There is a last option, the "freestyle" assembly which is also more and more used in street (go to our page on freestyle skating for more information)

Finally, for ball bearings, we will recommend ABEC 3 to 5 if you are street skating, but on the other hand ABEC 5 to 7 if you plan to devote yourself more to the park or the ramp.

Our # 1 choice
Roller Skate Agressif Inline Manche Raglan
  • Lightweight, Regular fit, double-stitched sleeve and hem hem

It remains to remind you that aggressive rollerblading exposes you, more than in any other discipline, to the risk of falls, since you now play in the extreme sports category.Thus, to practice in complete safety, we will never stop recommending the wearing of a complete protection set:roller helmet, mouthguard, elbow guards, wrist guards, leg guards, shin guards, chest protector ... This, whatever your favorite discipline, considered softer or more acrobatic, in roller-blading as in freeride, fitness, roller derby , slalom, and whether you have started to take your first roller skating lessons or are already extremely advanced practitioners.

Finally, if your budget remains large enough and since aggressive rollerblading has a specific dress code, you can afford to put yourself in streetwear mode and, why not, buy other useful accessories such as a roller bag. .

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