Top 10 Best Adult Roller Skating 2018

You plan to embark on thepurchase of an adult roller skates but in the end it became a real headache because you can't decide which pair to choose. To help you settle down, we have prepared this top 10, accompanied bya buying guide and opinion on the best adult roller skates.

Our # 1 choice
qmj Roller Shoes Men Women Skateboarding Shoes Roller Skate Shoes Inline Skates Trainers Shoes Sneakers, White-41
  • ? WONDERFUL GIFT IDEAS - Roller skates shoes are a good ideal for skating, party, disco, dancing, running, birthday, Christmas.
  • ? HIGH QUALITY FABRIC - Comfortable and breathable shoe upper and lining, wear-resistant soles, good elasticity.
  • ? COOL AND EASY TO LEARN TO RIDE - They are fantastic and wonderful than other shoes. it is very comfortable and amazing, fashion by day, cool lighting at night. the best kid-friendly gift.
  • ? SUGGESTION - To ensure your foot comfort, please measure the foot length and refer to the size chart chart, choose the size correctly.
  • ? If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us
Our choice n ° 2
J'peux pas j'ai roller: Original notes journal for rollerblading enthusiasts | 100 pages in 7 * 10 inch format
  • edition, roller glide (Author)
  • 100 Pages - 12/21/2019 (Publication Date) - Independently published (Publisher)
Our choice n ° 3
WEDSGTV Roller Skates Inline Skate Shoes? Tyrant White Roller Skates Inline Shoes? Adult Skates For Men And Women, WhiteA-37
  • ? MULTIFUNCTIONAL SPORTS SHOES: High Quality Breathable Material Allows Your Feet To Walk Like Cotton Control Flexible Shoe Speed ??Control To Effectively Alleviate Road Fatigue!
  • ? ROLLER SKATES: The Outer Layer Of The Shoe Is Made Of High Peel Resistance And Hydrolysis Resistance. The Inner Material Is Hsinchu Fabric And Breathable Cotton Insole, So It Won't Be Padded. Incredible Shoes.
  • ? FOOT PROTECTION: Dry And Comfortable Interior, Soft To The Skin, Won't Wear The Feet, Walking Does Not Tired The Feet? Improves Overall Anti-Slip Performance Of The Front Sole.
  • ? SERVICE: We Are Continuously Supported And Our Customers Provide Better Service. If You Have Any Questions About This Product, Please Contact Us, We Will Get Back To You As Soon As Possible
  • ? GREAT GIFT: This Is A Great Entry Level Roller Skate For Beginners And Occasional Skaters. Do not hesitate! It Will Definitely Exceed Your Little Expectations!
Our choice n ° 4
QWEAS Roller Shoes Women Men Sports Shoes Inline Skates Trainers Roller Skate Training Shoes, Black-EU39.5
  • ? SAFE AND PORTABLE: Small and light, easy to carry. It has good balance, easy to control the body's center of gravity, and it is safe to use.
  • ? COMFORTABLE INTERIOR SPACE: The interior material type is breathable mesh, designed to achieve high air permeability and very comfortable design. It can protect your feet better.
  • ? 2 IN 1 SNEAKERS: The wheels are telescopic, they can be used as sports shoes or ordinary skates.
  • ? INVISIBLE BUTTON: Security base with automatic stealth button, press it and open the wheel. Press and hold the button, then push the dial into the bottom plate and release it.
  • ? WONDERFUL GIFT IDEAS :: Can You Swipe Anywhere? easy to learn and scroll. This shoe is the perfect gift for children.
Our choice n ° 5
Men And Women Online Skates Shoes Fancy Straight Row Roller Skate Shoes Adult Black, 42, black
  • Will be adjustable to teach the mushroom head replaced by a fixed rivets, GYRO will be converted to SEBA liner slightly thinner, but does not affect the comfort
  • Breathable perforation, breathability and comfort materials
  • Breathable material Zhenzhu Mian lining, will not wear thin, flexible and durable, can play a cushioning effect, soft texture at a long time after the blade will not damage the foot, colleagues keep his feet dry breathable
  • Easy and durable buckle design, can quickly adjust the tension of the draw, the maximum degree of protection in the high-speed taxi when safety
  • Zhenzhu Mian lining, will not turn yellow, can increase the resistance to the slope, in order to avoid deformation, while improving the package of roller shoes
Our choice n ° 6
K2 Skates Carrier Inline Skates for Men Black / Anthracite
  • Three exterior pockets with zipper.
  • Ventilation padding
  • New size for more room for gear, helmet and protective gear.
  • Large ventilation padding to dry and ventilate equipment.
Our choice n ° 7
Urban Backwoods Roller Skates Roller Zip Hoodie Mens Hoodie Gray Size S
  • A beautiful, high-quality print in absolute top quality!
  • Concealed zipper
  • Two patch pockets
Our choice n ° 8
ZKK Roller Shoes Roller Skate Roller Sneakers Skateboarding Shoe Outdoor Sports Trainers Gymnastic Fitness Sneakers Inline Skates, Black-41
  • ? SUITABLE FOR VARIOUS OCCASIONS: These roller shoes are cool and stylish, suitable for outdoor sports, with increased fitness, mobility and functionality
  • ? WONDERFUL GIFT: The roller skates shoes are faster and cooler than other shoes, and they are very comfortable and make a good Christmas gift for your child or your best friend.
  • ? HIGH QUALITY MATERIAL: Comfortable and breathable upper and shoe lining, wear-resistant soles, good elasticity. We pay attention not only to the load capacity of the wheels, but also to the material selection of the rod.
  • ? DESIGN: the front wheels of roller skates can be taken out and the rear wheels can be retractable, the wheels can be used as sports shoes, when you need it to be sports shoes, the shoe can be worn as a shoe normal during the day.
  • ? SLIP RESISTANCE: The wheel shoes have good grip improving the non-slip ability of the tire by mimicking the sawtooth function of the roller.
Our choice n ° 9
QJM Men Roller Skates Online for Adults and Women Professional Roller Skates Single Row Roller Skate (Color: C, Size: 41)
  • This is a great skate with quality components and color matching boots, wheels and cap - a must have for any junior skater
  • MATERIAL - high quality soft breathable fabric
  • High speed bearing makes sliding more convenient and reduces resistance.
  • Aluminum alloy integrated knife holder, high wear-resistant PU wheel.
  • Multi-directional ventilation design, comfortable.
Our choice n ° 10
XIHAI Womens Inline Skates Breathable Comfortable Mens Inline Skates Shock Absorption Adjustable Spring Inline Skates Resistant Wear Resistant Double Buckle Adult Inline Skates, White, 35-39
  • ? XIHAI Roller Kates: appearance full of meat, high elastic cushioning, reduced foot impact! The improved bracket is more secure, the safety protection is not twisted, to ensure safe and free regulation of the sliding safety, double insurance, adjustable.
  • ? XIHAI thickened liner: throw everything away for your health, choose high quality, healthy and environmentally friendly EPE, no harm to the body, imported raw materials, soft and comfortable! Particularly suitable for more sensitive skin. The lace increases security and is more comfortable and secure. The spring absorbs shocks. The shock-absorbing insole is removable and washable.
  • ? XIHAI Roller Kates There are a variety of sizes to choose from, please measure the feet size accurately before purchasing.
  • ? Thickened shoe shell: Strengthen the aluminum alloy backing, impact resistance, effectively protect the feet. Breathable technology, breathable mesh fabric, good breathability, even in hot weather is not afraid.
  • ? Wear-resistant and high elasticity: High strength PU solid wheel, wear-resistant, corrosion-resistant grip, stronger and more stable.

Purchase guide

The best of adult rollerblading at your feet

You want to buy roller skates for adults. But you do not yet know exactly what type, nor with what characteristics. All you know at this point is whether you want to rollerblade or change your pair of roller skates, especially to keep fit. You have already made the right choice by opting for roller skating.

Choose according to your goals          

And for good reason, instead of setting one's sights on extreme sports such as kayaking, mountaineering, kitesurfing, or even practices deemed too soft such as cycling, water aerobics, fitness walking or the gym pilates , you can find the right compromise by putting on your roller skates to maintain your health. As a result, you can define your discipline of roller skating and, therefore, your types of skates according to your health or maintenance goals, whether you choose the leisure option or the sport.

Thus, to keep constant control over your weight, disciplines such as roller skating and roller skating are the most suitable. While to tone your body, many recommend practices such as roller slalom, roller fitness, freestyle, figure skating, roller dance, or roller hockey.

In all cases, opinions are unanimous in recognizing that roller skating does a good job of balancing, building and strengthening muscles, especially the abdominals, just as it improves blood circulation. In addition, it is generally considered that rollerblading constitutes an effective anti-stress, as well as a vector of socialization and an activity conducive to discovery, because it has the advantage of being practiced everywhere, be it indoors (gymnasium, ice rink) or outdoors (skatepark, hill, tarmac…), in team sports as well as in individual sports.

However, the sine qua non condition remains the wearing of a protective set in order to be able to skate in complete safety, with equipment such as roller helmets, elbow pads, wrist guards, mittens, knee pads, leg pads, shin guards ...

Set your level

But before putting on your roller skates, we will also suggest that you assess your level beforehand. Indeed, even if you have chosen your discipline of rollerblading and apart from the distinction that must be made between inline skates and quad skates, a beginner will not, with identical practice, put on the same skates as an intermediate level practitioner. or already experienced.

For example, for a beginner who occasionally practices backpacking for a relatively short distance, we will favor in particular rigid-shell skates allowing good support, as well as wheels of average size of 80mm. While an experienced skater who is used to long distance riding will tend to use soft / rigid shoe skates and large wheels of 80mm, 90mm or even 100mm.

Regarding the materials with which the shoes are made, some connoisseurs recommend in particular the choice of plastic shell shoes for those who are just starting out, in order to maintain control over the ankle, fiberglass or carbon shoes customized for those who are new to the shoe. seasoned skaters, if not high level. And, for those who still have to go through learning (roller skating in this case), also composite shells (fiberglass, carbon).

Moreover, by the way, if you are just starting out or if you want to improve your skills in a particular discipline such as figure skating, it is better to go through the membership box in a roller club to acquire the good bases (for example example how to learn to brake in rollerblading, how to ride, move) or take advanced roller skating lessons, sports coaching in skating school. Even an adult, it is never too late to take the plunge, as a number of roller clubs offer introductory courses at all levels.

In short, each case is a case, for each discipline its type of roller, and this, according to the particularities of the user.

Our # 1 choice
K2 30C0017.1.1 Men's Inline Skates, Black, Size: 42
  • The original SOFTBOOT from K2 provides a perfect fit and maximum comfort
  • The VO2 cuff collar, which is a plastic reinforcement placed above the shell, provides more support for a reduced weight
  • The VO2.2 Platinum is the lightest aluminum x-training Platinum on the market. Flexible, long and designed to ensure high speed stability
  • ILQ-9 Classic Plus bearings
  • Wheels: 90mm, 83A; max wheel diameter: 90 mm the K2 quick lacing system allows you to tighten your skates quickly in a single movement

For each type of slide, its skates

However, as a general rule, there are a few major categories of roller skating practices. And knowing them can make your choice considerably easier.

  • To satisfy your passion for speed: the skates intended for roller racing will ideally be inline skates (see our section dedicated to inline skating) made up of a composite shell (fiberglass or carbon) mounted on aluminum frames that can accommodate 3 to 5 wheels with a diameter of 80mm to 125mm for good rolling.
  • Skating and discovery in rollerblading: when hiking, the principle is simple, hard shells and smaller diameter wheels (80mm to 84mm) are the most suitable. On the other hand, for long distance or even in marathon roller skating, recommend semi-rigid shoes for greater comfort and larger diameter wheels, that is to say 100mm or more.
  • In urban and acrobatic mode: your purchase will be geared more towards rigid-shell skates if you devote yourself to aggressive skating, jumping, freeride, or slalom skating (that said, semi-rigid shoes are sometimes allowed on this kind of hockey skates). Generally, it is in this kind of discipline that we use skates with small (52mm to 60mm) or medium wheels (76mm to 85mm).
  • For rink hockey, roller derby or artistic use: these different disciplines remain the prerogative of traditional roller quad skating which therefore have the particularity of having four wheels, a toe stop as well as high shoes in figure skating on roller, half high in rink hockey and rather low and stiff in roller derby. Generally speaking, the wheels do not exceed the diameter of 63mm. To find out more, you can consult our page dedicated to the best roller quad.
PromoOur # 1 choice
Gonex Adjustable Roller Skates (Size 31-42) Breathable and Comfortable Quad Roller Skates with Lighted Wheels for Beginners Girls Women Kids
  • ? Adjustable Size: Design with easy-adjustable push button, our roller skates can be adjusted to different sizes to fit different foot length. 3 sizes (S / M / L) are available, the perfect choice for your kid’s growing feet.
  • Comfortable Material and Durability: The main body of the skates is made of premium PP material, sandwich mesh, PVC leather and EPE foam which provide great skating comfort.Enjoy your smooth ride with the high quality bearings ABEC-7.8 82A polyurethane wheels with trendy LED lights, the rust-resistant aluminum frame.
  • ? 8 Wheels Light Up: Colorful lights for roller skating, the wheels are designed as a self-generated power system, no batteries are needed! It glows with colorful lights while skating which adds cool style to the skates and provides more fun for your child.
  • ? Quick Closure System: The grid closure, cam lever buckle, hook and loop closure strap strap, and specially child-friendly laces ensure an absolutely secure fit.
  • Birthday Gifts and Perfect Gifts: Inline skates are loved by kids of all ages and fun for adults. Leave video games and the phone indoors. Have hours of fun outdoors. Let's go play outside!

Now it's up to you to find the pair of inline skates whose characteristics will best suit your activity, knowing that there are some in all ranges, from the best brands, in new condition or in used equipment.

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