How to choose the right facom maid?

Getting organized is essential when you are a DIY enthusiast. In this sense, the workshop maid is essential, whether you are a professional or a novice in the field. Practical in every way, owning one of these models gives several advantages, namely a considerable space saving or even work efficiency. You actually benefit from a marked improvement in visibility compared to your professional mechanic tools. We provide you with a non-exhaustive list of criteria that can help you find a facom toolbox that suits you.

The different kinds of maids

The maids differ in several ways.While some are made of metals, others of plastic.The first has the advantage of being sturdy and timeless, while the second is highly regarded for its design and lightness.In both cases, the purchase will be based primarily on the person's expectations of the material.Apart from that, there are three categories of facom maids:the first is fixed, the second has rollers allowing movement and the third, between the two, is the cabinet with removable boxes.Also, these different types are associated with several product templates. best facom maids for her workshop.


Of course, the drawers are an integral part of the facom tool holder. You will need to pay attention to it. Thus, after classifying your hand tools, plan the number of compartments you need in your organization. If the minimum number is 2, some XXL models have 15. For average furniture, you will have 6 drawers on average. This choice is given to you. After the count, it is important to ensure the safety of oneself as well as the locking of his belongings (ratchet, jack, hammer, high pressure cleaner, welding station…). Therefore, it would be better to choose a toolbox the drawer of which is secured against tilting. However, this protection would be futile if the load supported by the compartment exceeds its limit load. The latter is usually indicated on the product itself.

The wheels

Does your job require you to move around constantly? The rolling trolley is what you need. However, these bearings should be checked. Are they rotating? Do they attach firmly enough to the maid's base? Do they have brakes? All details are to be expected. Also, since it will have an anti-slip rubber, this substance must be of good quality and of a suitable thickness so as not to wear out too easily. Their strength is also questionable. This usually depends on the material of construction, but also on the size and the system itself.

Which options to choose?

The options are always optional, but useful for a wider use of the furniture. Apart from traditional storage, you will then have the choice between models with side drawers, locks and those with a bin extension. And these are just examples.