How to choose your wine cellar?

It is not always easy to store your bottles of wine, especially when you don't have a wine cellar. Do you want to know how to choose it? Then you have come to the right place!

Whether you are an enlightened oenophile or a simple lover of fine wines, you need a wine cellar to store your bottles (see our selection of the best wine cellars). Its first role is to keep your nuggets in the best possible conditions. It comes in different forms, functions and costs. Apart from these selection criteria which can be very subjective, how should you go about choosing your wine cellar?

Find out step by step on what to base yourself on to make a good choice.

My wine cellar

In order not to make mistakes in choosing your wine cellar, you should focus on some very important characteristics that it must have. Those are :

  • The absence of light: it is very important that the bottles are immersed in the dark, as light can oxidize the wine.
  • The absence of vibrations: in general, wines are not at their best in an environment subject to vibrations. They can even be very detrimental to wines for laying down, which can see their chemical composition deteriorate.
  • The right temperature: the ideal wine cellar should be able to store wine between 10 and 14 ° C.
  • Well controlled humidity: indeed, it must be between 55 and 80%, so that the precious liquid is not condemned.
  • Healthy air: the atmosphere in which your bottles are stored must be pure. Strong smells must therefore not come into contact with the wine, and it is imperative to preserve its taste.

Between aesthetics and practicality

It is very likely that you will come up against this dilemma, when choosing your wine cellar. Whether it is size, storage capacity or even power consumption, tastes also come into play. According to statistics, 80% of wine cellar sales relate to those with solid doors. Contrary to what one might think, glass doors are not the most energy efficient.

Avoid them at all costs, and prefer a wine cellar with a solid door to age your wines in the most suitable conditions. Also, make sure that its internal walls are made of metal, so that you can properly regulate the humidity. If you come across wine cellars with a hygrometer, then you can wear it without fear. This will give you better moisture management, and your bottles of wine will do well.

Ultimately, your choice of wine cabinet should be based on five main criteria. These are the hygrometry, the real capacity as well as the modularity. You will also add the annual consumption of the cellar, as well as its price. All other criteria such as aesthetics and advanced functions are purely subjective and therefore up to individual tastes. The most important thing is that your bottles are stored in the best conditions.



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