How to fix a gopro on a cross helmet?


You don’t stop progress, that phrase has never been truer than it is now. Lovers of videos but also sports can combine their two passions, thanks to the Gopro. This on-board camera lends itself to all desires, from making videos of stunts to acrobatics. The Gopro also finds its place on a moto cross, and in particular on the helmet, whether it is a motocross helmet, a cross helmet, an enduro helmet, a motorcycle helmet, a fox helmet, a shot helmet, a cross fox helmet, a child cross helmet, a full face helmet, a modular helmet.

Thanks to its front mounting method, the helmet accessory that is the Gopro on-board camera is the best ally for making crazy videos. Fans of extreme sports, jt racing, off-road or off-road rally involving motorcycles cross, wonder how to fix this little camera.

How to fix the Gopro?

For ease of use, the cross-country gear that is the Gopro usually comes with adhesive mounts. So it can be attached to anything, but in this case to a motorcycle helmet, regardless of whether it is a full face helmet, an enduro helmet, a cross helmet for children, a jet helmet, or a helmet of a hjc helmet. To get the best out of it and not miss any acrobatic scene involving somersault on motocross terrain, here's how:

  • Place the fixing system on the smooth front part of the helmet. It is important that it is cleaned beforehand. Otherwise, the adhesive on the on-board camera may have difficulty settling into place.
  • Once the binding is in place, it must then be applied firmly to the entire surface of the helmet.
  • For a perfect grip, it is recommended to fix the camera at room temperature on the full face helmet and let stand 24 hours.

After using the motorcycle accessory that is the on-board camera to take great shots with your camera, you must then detach it. For this a simple hair dryer may be suitable to take off the adhesive fasteners.

More information

The image quality obtained by attaching a gopro to a motorcycle helmet, a full face helmet, a flip-up helmet, a motocross helmet, a cross helmet, also depends on the model. First, the on-board camera must be level relative to the horizon line. The viewing height must be optimal, so that the driver, the motorcyclist, the motorcyclist can see the road well but also be present on the motorcycle. Some gopro camera enthusiasts manage to put the helmet on the bike to get a bit of sky. Thus the images benefit from better brightness.

Depending on the model of motocross helmet, shot helmet or child cross helmet, it may be necessary to place it on a table in order to set up the camera. This makes it easier to adjust its level horizontally. For better accuracy, it is possible to use a dedicated application, available online. Thus the camera has a better positioning, which allows it to shoot good quality videos.

Ultimately, a Gopro camera is easily attached to a motorcycle helmet, a shot helmet or a full face helmet. It all depends on the helmet model but also on that of the on-board camera. Then the device must be adjusted according to the horizon line in order to have a stable and good quality image. For a good fixing, it suffices to use the adhesive strips provided for this purpose.

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