The essential elements for a pleasant exterior

When the sunny days return, we like to take advantage of our outdoor spaces to relax in the open air.To feel good there, why not set up your garden and terrace properly?Decorative objects, synthetic grass or even garden furniture, various elements allow you to create the exterior decoration of your dreams.Some equipment is also essential to make your job easier when planning your outdoor space, but also to improve your comfort and safety.Discover some ideas of essential elements to create a pleasant exterior to live in without necessarily hiring a landscape architect.

Garage door operator

A pleasant exterior to live in must in particular ensure a certain level of comfort. For that, there is nothing better than to motorize the door of your garage. This task is also required to strengthen the security of your home. The choice of motorization will vary depending on the opening system of your garage door. For example, an arm drive is recommended for a swing garage door. For a sectional garage door operator, a belt, worm or rack system is recommended.

Retractable staircase

In order to make it easier for you when carrying out your work in your outdoor space, theRetractable staircase is one of the essential equipment. Its main advantage is its easy installation since you do not need to carry out masonry or carpentry work. Folding, sliding or telescopic, this device is chosen in particular by taking into account the material of manufacture and the deployment method.


For those with a green thumb, but also for eco-citizens, the Vermicomposter is one of the essential elements to maintain the outdoor space. This device will allow you to make your own natural fertilizer rich in nutrients and fertilizers such as potassium, phosphorus or nitrogen. To choose yours, size, design and material are among the purchasing criteria.

Equipment to protect yourself from prying eyes

To create a relaxation area outside, away from prying eyes, various solutions can be implemented. To protect from vis-à-vis, bet in particular on canisses, wooden panels or trellises. It is also possible to protect your corner of greenery from the gaze of neighbors by installing curtains or installing a green wall. In addition, to take advantage of a blackout breeze, install a artificial hedge, a kind of carpet made of the same material as synthetic grass to put on the fence of your home. In addition to protecting curious eyes, this device also acts as a windbreak.

Watering tools

Manual or automatic, watering is one of the garden maintenance jobs. Different tools are needed to make them such as watering cans, garden hoses or even hose reels if you choose manual watering. On the other hand, for automatic watering, oscillating sprinklers and irrigation timers are particularly required. In the event that the water is only available at a depth of 8 meters, the installation of a Immersed pumpe is recommended. This device not only supplies the domestic network with water, but also drains wastewater. If the pressure of your water supply is low, obtain Booster. This element increases the water pressure, but also keeps it constant in the pipes. It can in particular be associated with a submersible pump.

Horticultural Led Panel

To stimulate the growth of your green plants, bet on a Horticultural Led Panel. Its durability and excellent energy efficiency are also part of the advantages of this device. To choose it, take particular account of the reputation of the brand, calorific value or the type of cultivated plants.

Pruning tools

To maintain your plants and trees in good health, but also to promote their development, pruning and pruning are essential jobs. To do this, take the appropriate tools. The equipment to be used will vary depending on the plant: fruit trees, shrubs, roses, large trees, etc. The secateurs, for example, are recommended for pruning the branches of your bushes and shrubs. In contrast, thePruner is the ideal tool for pruning large trees. Easy to use and handle, a Thermal pruner could also be useful for pruning, but also for brushing.


Tiles are used more and more outdoors today. It is available in several models to meet all needs. If you want to have a wooden terrace while avoiding the constraints associated with this material, you can choose tiles that imitate wood. If you plan to use it for your outdoor space, there are some tools that are essential. To obtain tiles with the dimensions and shapes that perfectly meet your needs, bet on a Tile. To choose this tool, certain criteria must not be neglected, in particular the operating mode (electric or manual), the future use or even the cutting capacity.

Tools for woodworking

For your carpentry work, such as building a shelf to place your plants, for example, various devices are required. In particular, equip yourself with a Jointer. The use of this device is indicated to obtain wooden planks with perfectly smooth sides. You can also acquire them to create chamfers or complex pieces with several wooden sides. Also, don't hesitate to get a Lamellator, used for carrying out assembly work in carpentry.

Decoration elements

To transform your outdoor space into a real cocooning living space, don't forget the decorative elements, but also those ensuring your comfort.For large spaces, create a cozy atmosphere by installing weather-resistant garden furniture.In particular, bet on cozy armchairs, a bench, a hammock, but also parasols or shade sails to protect yourself from the sun.Also equip your relaxation area with flowerpots and pretty lights (lampposts, light garlands, etc.) to illuminate the space.If you are running out of space on your small terrace for setting up garden furniture, create an open-air cocoon by installing a planter, ottomans, colorful cushions, but also a lantern.