Counterfeit banknote detection: two systems to integrate into your business

The circulation of counterfeit banknotes has gained ground in recent years, both in large companies and in small businesses.The problem with this type of fraud is that if nothing is done, it is a business that risks being ruined.But the fight against counterfeit banknotes is a battle that is far from a straightforward one, as counterfeit banknotes evolve over the years and look more like real banknotes, that it becomes difficult to tell them apart.However, the design of counterfeit banknotes is not the only one to take advantage of technological advancements, as now there are much more innovative devices that can detect counterfeit banknotes effectively.

The counterfeit detector: the common option

If you run a business, in addition to a cash register, the counterfeit detector will be one of the devices you will need to be able to bill your customers and prevent counterfeit notes during checkout.

In the world of cash, this machine is arguably the most secure way to ensure the authenticity of a banknote.Thanks to a complex detection system, counterfeit banknotes will have a hard time going unnoticed.The operation of the detector consists in establishing the face value of each banknote, by carrying out an exhaustive reading of each of the security elements that compose it.These elements are magnetic inks, infrared, images, security thread, colors and dimensions.Once analyzed, the detector verifies that all items are correct.The absence or inaccuracy of any of these elements will determine that the ticket is invalid, activating an audible alarm to indicate this.Also, if the ticket is found to be valid, its face value will be reflected on the screen.Most models of counterfeit detectors are capable of scanning up to 8 types of banknotes, and are generally easy to use.

The banknote counter with detector: the 2 in 1 solution

In order to optimize the management of a business, one can also consider its economic automation by investing in a banknote counter. This machine will facilitate counting tasks, in addition to providing additional precision. Not to mention the amount of time it will save and be able to spend on customer service, marketing, or just rest and time with family.

The banknote counter isn't new either, however, it has also evolved over time. Some models now integrate the counterfeit detection system, which is useful for any merchant. They are a convenient option for those who want to both make counting bills easier and detect counterfeit bills with every payment.

Obviously, choosing a model among all the options offered on the market will not be easy. Therefore, the best way to find the right model for your needs will be to consult a banknote counters comparison which include devices that provide the functionality to secure your cash register, and at the same time are easy to use to effectively manage the detection of counterfeit banknotes.

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