What are the basic guarantees of complementary health?

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Faced with the increase in the price of medicines and certain medical services, the only solution not to imbalance your budget is to take out a mutual insurance company. This is what the Madelin law advocates. But before signing any contract with any optical mutual or any other insurance company in terms of health coverage, it is recommended that you find out about the basic guarantees offered by them.

Expenses covered by health insurance

health insuranceWhen we talk about complementary health insurance, we immediately think of a complementary mutual. This is an organization that agrees to reimburse expenses borne by the Health Insurance Fund. This particularly concerns accidents, various illnesses, pregnancy, etc.
These inexpensive mutuals allow beneficiaries to hope for reimbursement for consultations and medical care. This also applies to purchases of pharmaceutical and parapharmaceutical products, hospital costs, optics, hearing aids, as well as dental care and dentures.

Other complementary health expenses

Along with these main health guarantees, there are guarantees that can be reimbursed through additional insurance. These include alternative medicines such as sophrology, reflexology, osteopathy, shiatsu, etc. Fee overruns also fall into this category of secondary guarantees.
We must not forget other health expenses such as dental implants, certain vaccines or even certain drugs. Finally, we can cite various additional services, such as assistance, personalized follow-up or even prevention.

Different levels of guarantee

It should be noted that complementary health insurance is a product offered by a mutual company. As the needs in this area can vary from one individual to another, and even evolve with the age of the person, these providers are obliged to offer different levels of coverage in order to meet everyone's expectations.
It is therefore wise to use a comparator of mutual health insurance in order to discover the best offers and which really suit your needs. Thanks to the mutual gieps, it is possible to obtain complementary health assistance which fully covers the guarantees desired by the person and which fits with the budget allocated by the person or the family.

Guarantees in percentage or in euros

The mutual comparator makes it possible to discover the proposals which present the best quality / price ratio, and therefore to achieve substantial savings. However, the fact of using a broker allows you to benefit from valuable advice from this professional and to compensate for the deficit between the real costs and the social security reimbursement.
In this regard, it should be noted that guarantees can be expressed by insurance companies in two different ways. Thus, they can be presented as a percentage based on the reimbursement of Social Security. In addition, they can be translated directly into euros, which is even easier for decision making.

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