3 devilishly effective anti-stress workouts

Sometimes life is good, sometimes life is sad, and often it is stressful!
But before you go for anti-depressants, use all the other options available to you.
Stress can sometimes be easy to combat by adopting new, healthier lifestyle habits. Sleep better, eat better, and above all: move more!
We know that exercise provides many psychological (and physical of course) benefits, including the release of endorphins, which greatly help improve the mood of the athlete.
Whether you are athletic or not at all, here are 3 types of workouts to reduce your stress!

1 The tranquility of yoga to the rescue

If I do it pyramid-style for you by giving you two words: "sport" and "stress", what will you instinctively answer me?
Yoga is well known for relieving stress and for good reason. Asanas (the postures performed in them) combined with deep breathing exercises help to restore a state of tranquility.
Yoga also strengthens the body / mind connection, it is a full-fledged form of meditation that involves strong concentration, which is sure to make you forget your sources of anxiety.
Allez donc vous acheter un tapis de yoga et partez pour le cours pour débutants le plus proche de chez vous.

2 Boxers to evacuate

Sometimes when you crack, you literally want to break everything.
Save your furniture!
Instead, find yourself a boxing or piloxing class. You will evacuate all your aggressiveness and relieve your stress by putting on the gloves (without breaking your furniture).
Punching bag, jump rope, straights, uppercuts, push-ups, you go:

  • strengthen all the muscles in your upper body
  • damage your cardio
  • improve what is called hand-eye coordination and your balance
  • improve the flexibility of your feet and ankles.
  • burn a bunch of calories!

I like to tell you as much, you will feel wrung out, and if the punch bag will recover quickly, your body will not get over it!
But what a feeling of absolute well-being ...

3 HIIT to burn yourself out

On the same principle as boxing and the opposite of a quiet yoga class, HIIT will allow you to get rid of stress by exhausting you.
At the end of the workout you will no longer be able to carry your own body weight, you will feel incredibly empty, that's the point.
The emphasis here is on relatively short training programs that "fit" every schedule (no excuses). The sessions are structured around intense work intervals and recovery phases.
In terms of benefits:

  • all your muscles will be put to use
  • your cardiovascular system will take a serious slap
  • you will gain in strength and flexibility
  • you will burn a lot of calories thanks to what is called the “after burn effect” (a kind of oxygen debt)
  • your stress will take a hit not possible! It's very simple, you won't have a single minute to think about all your little worries

Out of such a training, you will not have the strength for anything, except to drag your carcass in the shower and collapse on your bed.
To learn more about hiit training, you can for example visit This site.
Sports activities like this should send you right into Morpheus' arms, which is a great thing when you consider that stress and poor sleep are linked.
Better sleep also means better food choices (studies show that we are more likely to be attracted to junk food when we are depraved of sleep), so a virtuous circle.
To your sports shorts, the stressed!