Top 3 best Roller Seba 2018

Freestyle roller fan, are you looking for new skates? So opt for Seba inline skates. To help you choose, here is our buying guide, complete with our reviews, test and top 3 of the best Seba skates.

Our # 1 choice
Seba roller freeskate fr1 80 2016 noir (46)Seba
  • Doublure Premium FR avec semelle Orthomove
  • AFF001 Cadre Noir 243 mm
  • Roues Street Invader 84a 80 mm
  • Titalium MW9 Freeride
  • Accepte les kits de couleur personnalisés Seba FR
Our choice n ° 3
通用 Crazy Carbon Fiber Boot Professional Inline Skates Liner Adulte Roller Skating Chaussures Patines similaires à SEBA Igor Boot 37 Blue
  • SUPPORT DE LA CHEVILLE - La botte en PVC structuré offre un bon soutien de la cheville pour les débutants apprenant à patiner.
  • UTILISATION INTÉRIEURE / EXTÉRIEURE - l'uréthane donne beaucoup d'adhérence sur les surfaces intérieures et extérieures.
  • ROUES SPEEDY - Le diamètre donne plus de vitesse à chaque mouvement.
  • DESIGNS LUMINEUX - Avec des couleurs et des motifs vifs, vous ferez l'envie de tout le monde à la patinoire.
  • TEMPS POUR LE PLAISIR - Ce patin est un excellent moyen d'initier vos enfants au roller, au patinage de rue ou aux tours de patinoire.

Purchase guide

How to choose your Seba rollerblades

Seba rollerblades, every practitioner has necessarily heard of them one day. They are even among the favorite products of riders. But how do you choose the right pair for you? Follow the leader…

A brand that masters its subject

Seba is a French company specialized in the freestyle / freeride roller market. More, it is even the world leader. There is a reason for this: it was created by a great champion, Sébastien Laffargue (we understand better where the name of these famous rollerblades comes from) who is crowned with numerous titles of champion of France and Europe in slalom and a world crown in downhill. This means that he knows the discipline perfectly, the needs of the rider and the technical characteristics of the skates that go with it.

So, clearly, buying Seba skates is more than timely when it comes to freestyle, aggressive, freeride ...

A very rich offer in slalom

Handy, responsive, offering good support. These are the main criteria that slalom skates must meet. And, at this level, offers abound on the side of Seba since there are a number of models available, spread over a wide range of ranges: Seba High, Seba High Deluxe, Seba High Carbon, Seba High Carbon Original, Seba Trixx, Seba KSJ, Seba iGoR… The difference obviously being linked to the price, but also to the characteristics and contributions of the pads.

To take a look at one of the recent models of the firm's freestyle slalom skates, the 2017 Seba High light v2, it is equipped with a rigid plastic shell, providing optimal support compensated by the comfort of the integrated slippers. Very manoeuvrable and responsive thanks to its steel axles, and its 4 80mm wheels with a hardness of 84A mounted on very rigid aluminum frames, these inline skates can equalely accommodate plates of 3 wheels of 125mm.

Heavy freeride

In freeriding, Seba also has some arguments to make, especially with the 2017 Seba SX. Lightweight, compact, efficient ... riders are raving about it. And for good reason, the boots, featuring heels that enhance responsiveness, are made from carbon and fiber and have integrated slippers, as well as a triple tightening system: laces, micrometric buckle and scratch .

A little lower, 4 wheels of 80mm, hardness 84A, are mounted on an extruded aluminum frame. The UFS system which offers the possibility of installing a new turntable, more street oriented (to find out more on the subject, go to our page dedicated to roller street) for example, makes it a versatile skate. Note that in terms of rolling, this skate is on Abc 7 which is similar to rolling an Abec 9.

In terms of versatility, there is another model often cited by practitioners, but still part of the Seba freeride range: the Seba FR3. It includes a rigid shoe fitted with a thermoformable liner, a micrometric double strap buckle, buckle with safety catch, laces as a tightening. The 4 wheels of 80mm are also installed on aluminum plates.



In long distance mode: GT and Marathon

Hiking and vitness is also another discipline category that has seen increasing success in recent years. And in this category, Seba also responds with its Seba GT (Gran Tourismo) which are equipped with a composite shell, anatomical liners and tightening in micrometric buckle, laces and velcro. This one stands out for the diameter of its 4 wheels, measured at 90mm aligned on a rigid extruded aluminum plate and having axles that seem to have been made so that if necessary, the wheels can be easily removed. . These characteristics actually allow it to combine comfort, handling and speed.

That said, among the larger rollerblades straight out of the Seba factories is undoubtedly the 2018 Seba Marathon which, as its name suggests, is intended for long distances. And, in this area, this skate is arguably one of the most successful. Carbon and fiberglass shell, anatomical liner, 4 110mm wheels with a hardness of 84A ... everything seems to have been designed to combine the comfort of marathon hikers and speed in roller skating.


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 Extremely resistant and durable pads

Even if Seba operates mainly in the most acrobatic part of rollerblading, children are not left out as the company has its line of children's roller skates, and has even developed many models within the Seba FR range. For example, the Seba roller junior, for freeride practice. Sporting a hard shell shoe, 76mm wheels, metal spacers and removable brake, this roller is, like practically all the skates intended for the smallest, with adjustable size, more precisely adjustable on 3 sizes (see our section dedicated to children's roller skating).

And aside from all the qualities that we like to give it, many find these skates to be endowed with a special resistance. Moreover, more generally, it is also considered that the Seba FR range (and it's the riders who notice it) has the advantage of strength and is more resistant to wear compared to all other skates.

Finally, you should know that like other major brands, Seba roller also produces and markets other materials and accessories relating to sliding sports, such as roller protection kits, plate axles, kick buckles, custom kits, helmet, backpack ...

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