Top 3 best Roller K2 2018

Do you want to know how to get the right K2 roller blade for your needs? You are in the right place. Discover our buying guide, as well as our reviews, test and top 3 of the best K2 skates.

Our # 1 choice
K2 Marlee Adjustable Inline Skate, Girls, Blue, L
  • Adjustable shoe
  • breathable and comfortable boot
  • Rollers for skate sizes M and L: 72 mm, 80 a (included); Maximum wheel sizes: 76 mm for one skate: 70 mm, 80 a (included); Max wheel size: 72 mm.
Our choice n ° 2
K2 30C0715.1.1 Men's Inline Skates, Black, Size: 42
K2 30C0715.1.1 Men's Inline Skates, Black, Size: 42
  • The original SOFTBOOT from K2 provides a perfect fit and maximum comfort
  • The stability plus cuff collar, which is a plastic reinforcement placed on top of the hull, provides more stability
  • The D.c. Aluminum Platinum offers an excellent transfer of forces. It is suitable for fitness use
  • ILQ-7 bearings
  • Wheels: 84mm, 80A; max wheel diameter: 90 mm Boa lacing system. The pads adjust perfectly to the foot thanks to the simple handling of the dial
Our choice n ° 3
K2 30C0017.1.1 Men's Inline Skates, Black, Size: 42
  • The original SOFTBOOT from K2 provides a perfect fit and maximum comfort
  • The VO2 cuff collar, which is a plastic reinforcement placed above the shell, provides more support for a reduced weight
  • The VO2.2 Platinum is the lightest aluminum x-training Platinum on the market. Flexible, long and designed to ensure high speed stability
  • ILQ-9 Classic Plus bearings
  • Wheels: 90mm, 83A; max wheel diameter: 90 mm the K2 quick lacing system allows you to tighten your skates quickly in a single movement

Purchase guide

How to choose your K2 inline skates?

You have decided to buy inline skates, and this, from the best brands on the market. K2 skates are undoubtedly one of them. But how do you choose the pair that best suits your practice? Here are our answers.

A leader in innovation

K2 is an American firm specializing in the production of sliding sports equipment including skiing (ski helmet, ski boots, ski poles, etc.), snowboarding and rollerblading. In 56 years of activity, it has gradually established itself as one of the benchmark brands in roller skating.

Indeed, practically all recognize a certain number of technological innovations in him which have allowed the practice of roller skating to evolve over the years. By the way, we readily recognize him as the lightest roller skates on the circuit, thanks to the use of fiberglass.

Another technology that makes K2 famous is the diversity of the lacing and tightening systems of its skates. Apart from those with classic laces, a micrometric buckle or a velcro, more and more skates are now equipped with a quick lacing system or quick lace, or the Boa system. Patented K2, the latter works on the basis of a knob installed directly on the tongue and which acts as a screw device to turn to tighten and loosen the lace. This closure process not only provides good support for the practitioner's feet, but also the advantage of speed and efficiency.

The ideal inline skates for beginners

Pour débuter en roller, les pratiquants doivent chausser des patins qui peuvent leur conférer une bonne stabilité.Dans cette optique, les  K2 Fit & Alexis 84 Boa sont les modèles aux caractéristiques techniques les plus indiquées pour apprendre le roller en raison de leur grande maniabilité.

Available for men (Fit) and for women (Alexis), these Pro (quick lace tightening) or Boa (Boa tightening) range skates are flanked by a semi-rigid shell, a velcro closure system and micrometric buckle. Equipped with 4 84mm wheels with a hardness of 80A, the plates can also accommodate 4 90mm wheels (on Boa models) for sport hiking or when your level has improved.

Good rolling, comfort and ideal fit thanks to the mix between the different lacing and tightening systems. This is how skaters who have already experienced the joys of these K2 skates sum up their performance.

Our # 1 choice
Anarchy Panik Unisex Adult Skates, Unisex, ANC044, Black (Black), 34-38
  • Replaceable mechanical sleeves and bolts.
  • UFM Nylon fiber with four ways of adjusting the position of the wheels and integral H-Block.
  • SAS shock absorber

First-rate children's rollerblades

These quick lace or Boa tightening systems are also found on K2 children's skates. K2 children's inline skates (in this case the "Charm" models in roller skates for girls and "Hero" models for boys) can be fitted with an integrated slipper (K2 softbox) to optimize comfort, as well as 4 wheels. 76mm mounted on a very rigid extruded aluminum plate for indoor use or on cycle paths.

As is the case with practically all children's rollerblades, we are dealing with adjustable size skates and the American firm was particularly keen to develop an adjustable system on 5 sizes, from 29 to 34, from 32 to 37, from 35 to 40 (see our section on progressive skating).

The ultimate roller skates

K2 has also designed touring rollerblades which are considered essential in the discipline.

And for good reason, ideal for medium or long distance sporty hikes, the K2 VO2 pro is practically unanimous thanks to its components: first the quick lace system, then the VO2.2 plate which is, they say, the lightest that the firm has ever produced, and finally the liner ventilation device, called Vortech ventilation.

This is, once again, one of the many innovations made in improving K2 inline skates. How it works ? This technology allows air to circulate through the outsole, the insole and through the slippers. Thanks to the greater control of heat and humidity thus obtained, the feet thus remain dry in almost all circumstances for good performance.

Our # 1 choice
K2 Vo2 100 X Pro Men's Inline Skates, Gray, Size 9
  • Original K2 liner technology ensures a perfect fit and comfort.
  • VO2 Cuff ?: plastic coating on the rim provides optimum support thanks to the lowest possible weight.
  • Hi-Lo wheels from rails to large wheels at the rear and smaller wheels at the front for a better grip.
  • Wheels: 100mm rear and 90mm front, 83A (corresponds to maximum roller size).
  • Laces: K2 quick lacing system. With the quick lacing system, you can tie the shoes quickly with a pull.

What about other disciplines?

The K2 brand is not really known for its quad roller skates, but it did produce some, for example the case of the K2 Phenomen. On the other hand, it is extremely present in inline skates (see our page dedicated to inline skating), with, among others, the Longmount Pro model speed skating.

As for freestyle skating and aggressive skating, we will find Varsity skates or the famous Fatty Pro in street, while in freeride, there is Il Capo.

Moreover, one would be tempted to believe that K2 has particularly worked on its fitness range since there is a plethora of offers, with models that differ mainly in the diameter of the wheels. The Fit and Alexis 84 are, as their name suggests, equipped with 84mm wheels. But there is an 80mm version which, on the other hand, does not have the Boa system. On the other hand, we can mention the Mach 100 (one 90mm front wheel and two 100mm wheels) and the women's version, the Celena 90 even if there is a Mach 90.

Never late to catch up with the times, K2 has also marketed "Eco" range products (environmental protection being an important cause), models designed using eco-sustainable materials including turntables. in bamboo, available in Etu for men and Maia for women.

Finally, it should be noted that the firm has also invested in other parts and accessories and roller protection equipment, in this case: roller wheels, roller helmet, knee pads, elbow pads, leg pads, wrist guards, etc.

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