Top 10 Best Inline Skate Helmet 2018 

You want to rollerblade in complete safety and, to do so, equip yourself with a roller helmet. But how do you choose the right one? Here is our top 10 of the best roller helmets, plus our reviews, test and buying guide to help you make the best choice.

Our # 1 choice
Rio Roller Rose Helmet Unisex Adult Skateboard Helmet, Black (Cream), 49-52 cm
  • Rio Roller hard material.
  • Unisex Adult Skateboard Helmet
  • Rose Helmet (RIO169)
Our choice n ° 2
Rio Roller Rose Helmet Unisex Adult Skateboard Helmet Black 49-52 cm
  • Rio hard material.
  • Adult unisex skateboard helmet
  • Light pink (Rio169)
PromoOur choice n ° 4
VALUETALKS Child Helmet Sport Bike Adjustable Helmet Knee Knee Protector Palm Sports Protection Bike Balance Bike Skateboard Roller Skate / Pink
  • ??Full equipment? : Our Protective Sets include Adjustable helmet, two knee pads, two elbow pads and two wrist rests, Full protection for children
  • ?? Adjustable elastic? : Adjustable helmet and adjustable helmet strap and Knee Pads Elbow Pads Wrist Guards Elastic pad straps with Velcro closures make it easy to put on and take off the helmet. Suitable for boys and girls to adjust the size of the knee, elbow and wrist pads
  • High quality and comfortable material: Helmet with ABS outer shell and High density EPS inner shell with reinforced pads, absorbent, comfortable and durable.The air circulation between the pads and the shell makes you comfortable and relaxed when playing sports
  • ?? Wide range of use? : Suitable for in-line skating, skateboarding, cycling, rollerblading, skiing, scooters and other extreme sports. The helmet and pads protect our child from being injured. This set of protective gear will ensure that your children have a full protection while playing sports
  • ? Design for children aged 3 to 14, The products will provide excellent after-sales service, 24-hour customer service online
PromoOur choice n ° 5
LANOVAGEAR Bicycle Helmet Kids Teenager Adult 2-14 Years CE Certification Adjustable Anti-Shock Protection Helmet for Skateboard Skate Cycling Roller BMX (Gray, S)
  • Impact Resistance - Passed CE Certification, It is made of high strength ABS shell, and the interior is high density EPS foam. The helmet can protect you from shock and friction during exercise.
  • Good Ventilation System - Each helmet has 12 large vents to ensure the head stays cool and comfortable during exercise.
  • Adjustable System - The helmet is equipped with an adjustable belt and an adjustable dial system, so that users can make the appropriate adjustments according to the size of their head circumference to make the helmet more comfortable to wear.
  • Suitable for a variety of sports - This skateboard and bicycle helmet is suitable for many sports and can be used for roller skating / skateboarding / cycling / scooter / riding and other sports outdoors.
  • THE PERFECT GIFT FOR KIDS - Whether it's a gift from a father to a son, a gift from a grandparent to a grandson, or a gift from an aunt to a niece, this bicycle helmet is a great gift, especially for boys and girls ages 2-14. Children will certainly be happy when they receive your gift.
Our choice n ° 6
XJD Bicycle Helmet Child Girls Boys 3-13 Years Child Inline Skate Helmet CE Certification Protection for Cycling Skate Scooter Skateboard (Red, M (54-59cm))
  • ? SUITABLE FOR: The helmet circumference is S: 49cm-55cm, suitable for 3-8 years old children; M: 54-59cm, suitable for 8-13 years old children; L: 58-61cm, suitable for adults.
  • ADJUSTABLE STRAPS AND BUCKLES FOR BETTER FIT: The children's helmet is equipped with adjustable shoulder straps and buckle allowing children to adjust flexibly for a better fit.
  • COMFORTABLE DESIGN: The skateboard helmet is designed with multiple vents and breathable foam, it keeps kids cool during activities.
  • IMPACT RESISTANT: The children's helmet uses ABS outer shell, high density EPS inner shell and soft lining, which could absorb external pressure and reduce the risk of injury to children during activities.
  • ? MULTI-SPORTS: Suitable for skateboarding, rollerblading, scooter, cycling, it plays an important protective role during these activities.
PromoOur choice n ° 7
Asvert Bicycle Helmet Child Skateboard Adjustable MTB Helmet Baby Trotinette Helmet VTC Helmet Urban Bike Helmet Sports Protection for BMX Mountaineering Climbing Roller Cycling Skateboard Blue
  • ? Material: Gray EPS foam and PC shell provide better cushioning and shock absorption. The high quality materials also make the helmet lighter and reduce the burden of sport.
  • ? Size: 48-54cm. The helmet adopts integrated molding process and stamping technology, when subjected to impact, it will exhibit a certain ductility, it is also difficult to break, which effectively protects the safety of your child.
  • Comfortable and adjustable: Removable liner for easy cleaning. Mesh fabric absorbs sweat and keeps your head dry and comfortable. Comes with a sweat pad on the chin. Turn the knob to easily adjust the size to fit the head for a comfortable wearing effect.
  • Aerodynamic design: 11 air vents provide optimal ventilation, improve airflow and reduce air resistance for easy cycling.
  • ? Safety Guarantee: With CE certification, this helmet provides excellent protection for outdoor sports like skiing and cycling etc. We strive to provide 100% satisfaction to all of our customers. If you have any problems, please contact us by email, we will reply it quickly!
Our choice n ° 8
Rio Roller Script Helmet Unisex Adult, Green / Teal, 53/56 cm
  • Rio Roller hard material.
  • Unisex Adult Skateboard Helmet
  • Rio Roller Script Helmet (RIO159)
Our choice n ° 9
Wayin Child Bike Helmet Protective Kit for Children Child Helmet Helmet Knee Pads Elbow Pads Wrist Cushions Kid's Protective Gear Set for Skateboard Roller BMX Ice Skate (Black)
  • Impact resistance: Scooter helmet use ABS outer shell high density EPS inner shell, thickened soft sponge, comfortable and durable. Protective helmet for bike / inline skate / motorcycle / skateboard / inline skate / riding a scooter / bicycle and many other outdoor sports.
  • Breathable Material: 11 breathable vents allow air circulation and keep your head cool. Special multi-vent design and breathable foam, helmets and pads help children feel cool and comfortable even during intense body movements.
  • ? Adjustable Straps: Multi-adjustable elastic straps and Velcro straps for a secure fit, Skateboard helmets are equipped with adjustable straps to flexibly fit to achieve a better fit. Flexible to adjust the knee, elbow and wrist strap according to the user's desire.
  • ? Designed for ages 3 to 10 years old: Helmet head circumference: 48-54cm / 19 "-21" and the weight is less than 45kg. Please according to the head circumference and the child's weight and age choose.
  • All around protection for children: Set of 7 (2 * knee pads 2 * elbow pads 2 * wrist guards 1 * helmet). The helmet and protections will provide your children with full protection while playing outdoor sports.
PromoOur choice n ° 10
JIM'S STORE Bicycle Helmet Child Teenager Girls Boys 6-16 Years Child Helmet Bicycle BMX Skateboard Scooter Helmet Skateboard Protection Adjustable Child Roller Shockproof (Pink)
  • ???? ? Adjustable helmet? The head circumference of the helmet is 54-58cm. You can adjust the strap and buckle to your kid's size, which is suitable for children aged 6-16 years old. Kid's bicycle helmet is for girl and boy.
  • ???? ? Security and protection? This kids roller helmet is made of a sturdy and durable ABS material. EPS foam insert absorbs shock to minimize impact damage in the event of an accident. Make sure your children are fully protected in sports.
  • ???? Breathable and Lightweight Child Protective Helmet designs with 12 vents, comfortable and breathable, which reduces perspiration and keeps you cool even during strenuous exercise. The 400g helmet can barely feel the weight, enjoy your sport.
  • ???? ? Easy to clean? The padding of the children's helmet is removable. It can be effectively washed and dried to prevent the growth of bacteria and reduce the unpleasant smell caused by sweating.
  • ???? ? Multifunction? Teenage child roller skating protection is suitable for multi-sport like skateboarding, rollerblading, skateboarding, cycling, mountaineering, BMX, rock climbing and other outdoor sports. It is an ideal gift for children, especially their birthday or big holidays like Christmas etc.

Purchase guide

How to choose a roller helmet?

Practice a discipline of roller sports without wearing a protective set including a helmet? Absolutely inconceivable, because even cycling sometimes requires a protective helmet. But for your part, it is somewhat difficult to choose from all the existing models. Don't panic, follow the guide to light your lantern.

Buy rollerblades, buy a helmet

The numbers speak for themselves. In France, 1 in 3 accidents occur during the very first month of rollerblading, 1 in 5 during the first outing. In addition, 81% of accident victims never took roller skating lessons (yes, without even knowing how to brake sometimes) and 65% were not equipped with any protection during the fall. These statistics were compiled by the authorities responsible for road safety. In all this, accidents involving trauma to the head are minimal, but the fact remains that this kind of injury can be of some seriousness.

Le roller, en mode sports et loisirs ou jeux d’extérieurs, n’est pour autant pas dangereux, loin de là. Les risques de chute faisant partie intégrante de sa pratique, il suffit d’une part, on l’aura compris, de d’abord de prendre la peine d’apprendre le roller afin d’en acquérir les fondamentaux avant de penser à se lancer dans une discipline acrobatique, de circuler là où c’est autorisé (trottoir, voies cyclables ou skatepark), et de se munir d’une protection roller adéquat : genouillères, coudières, jambières, protège-poignet, protège-tibias, protège-dents, mitaines, crash pad… Et, un des plus importants parmi cette panoplie d’équipement de protection, le casque roller.

Wearing it is certainly not governed by specific regulations outside of the competitions organized by the French Federation of roller and skateboard. The fact remains that it is strongly recommended for adult practitioners (even if we are not going to be aggressive roller skating) and has been mandatory, since March 2017, for the protection of children.

The right helmet for the right practice

Et l’on parle bien ici de casque roller et non d’autres produits de substitution, tels qu’un casque d’équitation, trouvé auprès d’une quelconque enseigne vendant des articles de sport ! Cela dit, certains casques rollers peuvent dans des cas très précis être utilisés (et inversement) en guise de casque vélo, casque bmx, casques vtt ou casque skate, ceux-ci offrant une bonne protection de la tête lorsqu’on pratique ce genre de sport de glisse, voire ces sports extrêmes. On l’aura bien compris, en roller on aura ainsi affaire à différents types de casques en fonction de la discipline ou de la  spécialité (roller derby, roller artistique, roller freestyle, roller hockey, freeride, slalom, roller de vitesse…).

In general, there are three types of helmets:

  • The bowl helmet: this type of helmet is used in freestyle specialties such as street or ramp. It offers the rider optimal protection of the base of the skull (Visit our page dedicated to freestyle skating)
  • The bicycle roller helmet: a typical example of a bicycle helmet, it has the particularities of being very light and perforated (with holes for good ventilation). Similar to that found on the head of a cyclist therefore, its use is more intended for practitioners of disciplines where one can sweat profusely, in this case in rollerblading or roller skating.
  • The full face helmet: like the motorcycle helmet or the one worn in Bmx, the full face helmet provides protection for both the head and the face. In roller skating, practitioners will put on this type of helmet, especially for downhill or downhill riding.

One of the mistakes to avoid when buying headphones is to think only about performance and deliberately choose the wrong one. By way of illustration, we can cite the wearing of a contoured helmet in disciplines where one is most exposed to the risk of falls backwards (such as downhill for example). However, this type of helmet has a point on the back which, if it does not break when you fall, can cause serious neck damage.

Our # 1 choice
ValueTalks Child Protector Sets, Child Protective Knee Pads Elbow Pads Wrist Guards Adjustable Size for Roller Bike Scooter Ski Skating / Pink
  • ?? Protection Sets ?: A pair of Knee Pads, a pair of Wrist Pads, a pair of Elbow Pads, perfect protection for 6 parts of the body from your child's vulnerability to injury
  • ?? Product material ?: products using ABS hard shell, anti-high impact impact, tallow-absorbent pad sponge, anti-allergy fabric, to ensure that the product material is safe and durable
  • ?? Product design? : The "hollow design" between the improved abs shell and the pad sponge improves the safety of 10 times, the elastic adjustable strap, the adjustable waist, the anti-fall, suitable for children from 5-15 years old to use.
  • Applicable sports: Suitable for in-line skating, skateboarding, cycling, rollerblading, skiing, scooters and other extreme sports
  • ?? After-sales ?: 24-hour online customer service, to guarantee the benefits and solve the problems, to ensure the customers' buying and using experience.

The right "size" and well attached

Generally speaking, roller helmets are adjustable in size, over a well-defined range of two, three or five sizes, much the same principle as in adjustable roller skates. But before you can make any adjustments, you obviously need to be able to define your head size, which will prove particularly useful especially when buying a helmet online.

How to do ? Take a tape measure, or a string and take the measurement, knowing that the widest part of our head (the two ends being represented by the middle of the forehead and the bump of the skull) is located about 1cm above the eyebrows and ears, where a hat would end. Wrap around the cranial perimeter then take the result thus obtained: it's your head circumference.

As an example (because the adjustable size palette can actually vary from one brand or model to another), above size XS or XXS, at 55-56 cm, we will be in the size S, around 57-60 cm in size M and over 60cm in size L, or even XL. In any case, never forget to refer to the size guide available if there is one.

Either way, you have to try, the shape of the head is different from person to person. Once you put on your helmet, if it's the right size and even if you haven't strapped it on yet, it won't budge (or budge a little) when you shake your head. So, when you attach the strap or clamps, the safety helmet must, once properly adjusted, remain firm in order to fully play its protective role.

Most to look for

So what are the elements that make a helmet a good roller helmet? First, the foam padding which should allow you to feel a certain head comfort in your helmet.

From a slightly safer point of view, it should be equipped with a micrometric tightening system (which unfortunately does not have on entry-level helmets) or an ergonomic chin strap, as well as an adjustment wheel. on the dorsal part of the helmet which will have the function of properly enclosing the head.

And, particularly in the case of full-face helmets, these may include, as a bonus, a chin bar which may or may not be detachable, as well as a visor which will further strengthen the protection of the eyes against the aggression of external elements such as dust or insects and avoid inhaling too much harmful smoke.

Note that the best brands of rollerblading also offer roller helmets, in this case K2, Decathlon, Fila, Rollerblade, Rookie ...

From now on, all you have to do is choose according to your aesthetic criteria, especially with regard to colors, it being understood that inline skates are, like the actual roller skates, available in a multitude of tones ( gray red, purple, black yellow, red and black, blue black, black pink, light blue, white pink, white blue, matt black…).

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