Top 10 Best Speed ??Skating 2018 

Want the very best in speed skating? Here's our buying guide, reviews, and our top 10 to help you make the right choice.

Our # 1 choice
Dobsom Rehabilitation pants for men and women lined I Winter sports pants with full zip I Functional winter sports heated pants I Outdoor pants XS Black
  • Pantalon chaud et polyvalent pour homme et femme – Pantalon de loisirs doublé pour le rééducation et le séjour & comme pantalon chauffant pour les sports d'hiver – Pantalon d'extérieur doublé avec fermeture éclair latérale.
  • Winter pants for outdoors - one size larger can be worn over normal clothing - breathable and warm pants for outdoor activities.
  • Breathable thermal pants for men and women - Windproof, waterproof and thermoregulating lining - High quality coated polyester - Unisex functional pants machine washable at 40 ° C.
  • Rehabilitation pants - Active sports pants with side zipper up to the waist of the pants - Facilitates putting on and taking off in case of movement restrictions or leg injuries.
  • Comfortable and windproof thermal pants with soft quick-dry inner lining - Waterproof pants - Pants with elastic drawstring - Leisure sports pants with deep pockets for him and him.
PromoOur choice n ° 2
Catit Super Roller Big Eight Playground with Light Up Cat Ball
  • This large circuit, composed of eight sections of various heights
  • plastic chip in the ball must be removed before using the ball
  • Features a lively, motion-activated illuminated ball that curious cats can swipe at thanks to the large openings
  • Product Dimensions (L x W x H): 20.3 x 24.1 x 24.1 cm
  • Product weight: 816 g
Our choice n ° 3
Roller Derby Viper Roller Skates Speed ​​- Black / Red 38
  • Deluxe Boot Speed ​​Profile with Comfort Padding and Reinforced Support
  • Full lace closure system with power velcro strap
  • Pro RTX Frame
  • 58mm x 40mm MAG Core Urethane Wheels
  • ABEC 5 bearings
Our choice n ° 4
RecoverLOVE 1/5 PCS Windproof Training Cones Soccer Football Training Zone Markers Great Bright Sports Practice Equipment Sturdy Speed ??Skates Cones for Roller Skates
  • Durable and Pliable: Durable and pliable PE material that doesn't crack when hit or stepped on.
  • Sturdy and Wind-resistant: Sturdy and wind-resistant design with rounded edges and enough weight to stay put.
  • Great Sports Training Equipment: Great sports training equipment for drills, agility training, and speed training, both indoor and outdoors.
  • Convenience and Fun: These slalom cones are sure to bring you more convenience and fun.
  • Brightly Colored Cones: Brightly colored cones, ideal for setting up field boundaries for agility drills, or for setting up obstacle courses.
Our choice n ° 5
Roller Derby Sting 5500 Speed ??Skates
  • Boots: High performance, lightweight micro-tech upper with comfortable Quick Wick lining and memory foam fit.
  • Closure: Sting 5500 overlay lace-up boots
  • Frame: RTX 6000 reinforced Pro Frame with adjustable stopper and aluminum frame.
  • Wheel: 58mm urethane.
  • Bearings: ABEC 7.
Our choice n ° 6
Roller Derby Sting 5500 Speed ??Skates
  • Boots: High performance, lightweight micro-tech upper with comfortable Quick Wick lining and memory foam fit.
  • Closure: Sting 5500 overlay lace-up boots
  • Frame: RTX 6000 reinforced Pro Frame with adjustable stopper and aluminum frame.
  • Wheel: 58mm urethane.
  • Bearings: ABEC 7.
Our choice n ° 7
Roller Derby Sting 5500 Speed ??Skates
  • Boots: High performance, lightweight micro-tech upper with comfortable Quick Wick lining and memory foam fit.
  • Closure: Sting 5500 overlay lace-up boots
  • Frame: RTX 6000 reinforced Pro Frame with adjustable stopper and aluminum frame.
  • Wheel: 58mm urethane.
  • Bearings: ABEC 7.
Our choice n ° 8
Black Ice Skates Pen Drive 128 GB USB Flash Drives Pendrive Roller Skates Shoes USB Flash Memory Stick
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Purchase guide

How to choose the best speed skating?

You have racing in your blood. And to satisfy your competitive desires, you started looking for speed skates. But at the end of the day, you found out that finding the right skates was not that easy. To get out of this situation, check out our buying guide.

Speed ​​skating or roller racing is a very demanding discipline. First of all because unlike other roller sports or leisure activities such as rollerblading, roller hockey, roller derby, rink hockey, freestyle, freeride, slalom or even figure skating, it is almost the only one where you will be advised from the outset to forget about comfort when choosing your skates. Then, because there are many criteria for choosing the skates you will need to put on, as are the routes, surfaces and distances over which a race can take place.

Malgré cela, la Fédération française de roller et skateboard (FFRS) recense de plus en plus de pratiquants, de tout sexe et âge, des catégories minimes, poussines, cadettes, benjamines aux vétérans. Car sous la houlette de la Fédération, on peut bien, même sur le tard, apprendre le roller de vitesse ou se perfectionner dans un club de roller ou une Ecole de patinage où les cours adultes ne manquent pas. Mais sans doute est-ce aussi parce que le roller de vitesse offre une multitude de possibilités de pratiques, en sport individuel (à l’image d’un contre la montre) ou collectif, sur piste indoor comme sur route, en critérium outdoor, sur une distance de 100m ou alors sur plus de 100km…

And to add a little more to the difficulty, the profile of the practitioner must also be taken into consideration when choosing speed skates: his size, his level, his preferred distance, or his frequency of practice.

Shoes: performance above all

The choice of footwear must above all prioritize performance to the detriment, as we have said, of comfort. In general, therefore, exit high shoes, slippers and other foams, because in speed skating, you will need low shoes, even if they will be high for beginners and models of boots with high shanks can be found. find yourself in long distance speed skating. They will be rigid hulls so that your roller skates remain maneuverable at the ankle and to allow you to have a good feeling of the surface on which you will be sliding.

That said, the RSMC technicians in particular recommended rising plastic shells for beginners, low fiberglass or carbon shells for learners in a skating school and for skaters already equipped with '' a good level, as well as made-to-measure or customized shoes, in fiberglass or carbon, for high-level athletes. But in all this, whatever your size, the principle to respect is that the shoe must be as close to the foot as possible (discover our section called roller shoes).

From all this, it emerges in any case that to practice speed skating, it is necessary more than ever to already have the necessary bases in roller skating. Taking roller skating lessons for an initiation or improvement is a mandatory first step, because you will not embark on a regional race, in a European championship or downright in the worlds without having learned for example in roller club how to ride or brake on rollerblades, brake on descent.

Our # 1 choice
Inline Skates Roller Skates Ice Skates Professional Speed ​​Skating Shoes Running Shoes Thermoplastic Cake Carbon Fiber Rolls Large Rollers Black-36
  • ★ Shock resistant chassis, lightweight aluminum alloy truck; PU casting Easier ring and smooth rotation
  • ★ Extremely high support, ankle boots, comfortable and soft padded boots
  • ★ The ventilation holes are designed to keep you comfortable for a long time without getting bored
  • ★ Suitable for beginners and intermediates - 3D KPU printing design, lace up boots
  • ★ Adults can buy shoes that usually wear sneakers. Children can buy one or two meters. You can put the insole.

Weight, a size criterion

The physiognomy of the person who is going to put on speed skates will count enormously in the choice of the dimensions of the frames and wheels.

You should know that the roller frames, based on aluminum or carbon, are designed to receive 3 to 5 wheels with a diameter ranging from 80mm to 125mm each, a hardness ranging from 82 to 90A, wheels quite hard therefore, because it will be remembered that the more the hardness increases, the more we gain speed, especially when it comes to sprinting and blowing up the stopwatch.

So opt for skates with fairly short frames that will accommodate small wheels if you are medium or small. You will get more maneuverability from it and your glide will not be disturbed in any way by the height of the chassis.

On the other hand, if you are tall enough, we will recommend high frames and therefore large wheels which will give you more power and speed.

Therefore, some main principles should also be considered at the level of the wheels: as indicated above, if you are small, prefer smaller wheels, in particular assemblies of 4 wheels from 100mm to 105mm or 3 wheels of 110mm and one of 100mm. And conversely if you are tall, then you could find configurations like 4 wheels of 110mm or 3 wheels of 110mm and one of 100mm. All this for regular, even intensive use.

But your weight also matters, because if you're heavy enough and you're going to be skating mainly in an area of ​​hilly terrain, consider choosing medium-diameter wheels to avoid getting tired early. To learn more about the subject, go to our page dedicated to roller wheels.

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An assembly that goes the distance

Obviously, there are other varieties of assemblies related to the type of practice of speed skating and therefore the distance to be covered, established according to the opinions of practitioners of the discipline.

Thus, for occasional practice in enduro mode and which is in no way geared towards competition, a set of 4 100mm wheels will already provide a good ride.

Over long distances, this varies depending on whether it is intensive use for which 4 wheels of 110 mm or 3 wheels of 125 mm will be ideal, or of regular use and we will then recommend 3 wheels. 110mm or 3 wheels of 110mm and one of 100mm for a lower center of gravity and thus good stability. But, in any case, be sure to find out when buying inline skates and before thinking about customizing, the center distance dimensions and the shoes that go with them.

In roller skating races on the track and on the road circuit, simply recommend the assembly of 4 wheels of 110mm. The same is true of road racing and marathon practice.

Note that if you plan to participate in an official competition, whether national or at the international level, it is always better to find out about the authorized configurations, and therefore to comply with the regulations in force, knowing in this case that the running gear must not exceed the length of 50cm.

Finally, even for seasoned competitors, rollerblading means taking all the necessary precautions to be able to skate safely. In other words, arm yourself with the necessary protective equipment, including a helmet, elbow pads, knee pads, neoprene ankle pads ...

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