How to maintain the filters of your vacuum cleaner?

vacuum cleaner filter

It happens that after some time your vacuum cleaner will show signs of weakening. For example, he will start by sucking less and less. This could be the result of an overfilled bag or a clogged filter. Do not put it aside immediately, a good cleaning of your machine and you can then use it as before. Regular cleaning of your vacuum machine will not only improve its suction capacity, but also its lifespan.

Cleaning the filters of vacuum cleaners with bag

Do not wait until the dust bags are completely filled to remove them. It is best to make this change when it reaches at least three quarters of its capacity. To prevent the room from filling up with dust, remove the bag in a well-ventilated place like your balcony or even in the yard. And above all, it is preferable to replace the bag with an identical model so as not to damage your machine. It should in no case be replaced by a plastic bag.

Very often the vacuum cleaners with bag have motor filters that trap dust. It is important to exchange them regularly. So count a replacement filter for five bags exchanged. Some contain washable filters and are foam while those with a paper fiber will need to be replaced.

Cleaning bagless models

On the other hand, if your vacuuming machine does not contain a bag, you will then have to clean the dust collector. In general, this exercise should be done every six months. But this will mainly depend on the frequency of use and the volume of dust that is sucked up. You will therefore need to empty it completely and preferably over a trash can. But before that, you will have to disassemble your device to remove the collector.

How to proceed for the washable filters and that of the dust container?

If your vacuum cleaner contains a washable filter, you will need to remove it and then wash it with lukewarm water and a little liquid soap. This will allow you to remove all the dirt that is there. Washing the dust container is also essential for the proper functioning of your vacuum cleaner. Don't hesitate to do this regularly.

Accessories such as the hose, tips, tube and brushes are also essential for the proper functioning of your device. So clean them regularly.

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