How to conserve wine?

Without a good storage method, a bottle of wine can quickly lose its vigor and character. It is then advisable to follow some simple principles, to preserve it. How to do ?

After you buy your bottle of wine, it needs a period of rest to keep it well. Its duration varies depending on the nature of the wine, but it should be remembered that transport has a bad influence on all types of wines. This creates an imbalance that prevents the character of the wine from expressing itself as it should. So he needs a rest period of at least three weeks to regain his full strength.

So how do you go about storing wine?

Techniques that work

Contrary to what one might think, wine is a living drink. To be well preserved, it needs to be in an environment that meets certain criteria. It should be dark and free from any noise or vibration. Also, you need to make sure that:

  • The temperature is stable: the wine will age prematurely, if it is too high. Also, if it is too low, the aromas will be destroyed as the precious liquid crystallizes. In short, be sure to keep your bottle of wine between 11 and 12 ° C.
  • The humidity is optimal: the cork of the wine plays a big role in its conservation, and it risks drying out in a low humidity environment. So it will eventually let air in, which will ultimately oxidize the wine.
  • The ventilation is adequate: in general, the wine cork contains microscopic holes to ensure its ventilation. If there are strong surrounding smells, they can subsequently seep into the wine and destroy it.

By ensuring that these rules are respected, you will keep your wine for a long time.

Preserve your wine over time

For many specialists, time is arguably the best friend of wine. However, it is important to follow certain rules for it to store well. Thus, for example, it will be necessary to preserve your bottles from light, to avoid triggering certain reactions. This is exactly why you notice that classic wine bottles are quite dark. If for example you have a cellar (or want to buy a wine cellar), it is strongly recommended not to use a lamp over 40 watts.

Also, your cellar must be free from all vibrations, regardless of their nature, because experiments have shown that they are harmful to wines. You will also need a lot of space to organize your cellar, for better conservation of your wine. Also know that the bottles must be lying down, and always easy to reach to better list them. If you have red and white wines in your cellar, the former should always be classified above because of the higher temperature.

In summary, you will succeed in storing your wine well by following all of these guidelines. They are very easy to apply, and will allow you to enjoy your wines without altering their quality. So stick to these measures carefully, and you will enjoy your wine for a long time.