How to choose the right swing gate motorization?

It is not always easy to choose the best motorization for your gate. Fortunately, you will find the right solution, thanks to this guide!

You have a swing gate, and are looking for the best gate motorization that is ? You must therefore make a choice that can easily be adapted to your swing gate. The most important thing in this choice is to study the different gate automation that exist in this category. You already leave with a good advantage, that the swing gates are very popular. It is therefore easier to set up a Swing Gate Motorization by professionals.

When it comes to choice, what are your options?

Gate motor: what to choose?

With a swing gate, the possibilities of Motorization swing gate are numerous. In specialized stores, you can get advice on a solar gate motorization for example. Other models of Motorization swing gate also exist, as the motorization with jacks. To choose it, you must first make sure that your gate is solid. If it is made from any of these materials:

  • wood
  • PVC
  • Aluminum; you cannot have a Motorization swing gate .

The only condition required for a Motorization swing gate is that the gate is made of steel. So you can install a gate motor kit with jacks, which will be accompanied by an inlet of 220 volts. For easier use, you can opt for a Motorization swing gate with arms. It has the advantage of being simple, and consists of installing a leaf on each arm of the gate. Regarding the arms, there are two types:

  • Hydraulic
  • Electromechanical

Here too, the arrival of 220 volts is a prerequisite for the proper functioning of the Motorization swing gate. For a good installation, use the professionals of the Motorization swing gate.

Electric gate: user manual

To choose the best door operator, you can also take aesthetic factors into account. So for the gate installation, you can for example opt for a Motorization swing gate semi-buried or buried. This is a perfect choice, especially if you are very demanding. It will therefore be possible to open the leaves of your gate at an angle of 180 °. In the catalogs of manufacturers, models are very diverse. The only point that can discourage some people is the cost of this Motorization swing gate .

Apart from that, you can simply opt for a Motorization swing gate integrated into the portal. This choice will avoid installation difficulties or additional masonry work. However, this system needs 220 volts of electric current to operate.

Regardless of the systemautomatism portal that you choose, have your Motorization swing gate by professionals. This reassures you about the quality of the installation, but also of all the elements involved in the Motorization swing gate of your electric gate. In addition, some Motorization swing gate can suit a wide variety of portals. These are, for example, jacks, or buried motorization.