How to choose between a discovery box and a tasting course

The discovery box is a great way to discover wine with friends, and also an original gift idea! The principle of a discovery wine box It's like a workshop just for you, tailor-made and adapted! Discover the wine and its universe through its three dimensions: viticulture, oenology and tasting.

Learn what are the main differences between white wine and red wine? What is the terroir? Why are wines so different from one region to another? How to taste a wine? How to serve it and keep it?

Of course there are other workshop themes available on request:

  • Discovering red wines
  • Burgundy and its secrets
  • Bordeaux right bank - left bank
  • Forgotten terroirs and atypical grape varieties
  • Sparkling wines: The secrets of a Champagne bubble.

Generally, each workshop is illustrated, accompanied by fun and practical exercises to discover the world of tasting and will end with the tasting of 4 to 5 different wines.

In practice, the Discovery box offers workshops of around 3 hours. The owner of the box has one year from the date of issue to use it. On the date of his choice, the workshop is organized at his home.

Advantage of the discovery wine box : The beneficiary can share it with his friends! The discovery workshop allows the beneficiary to invite up to 7 people to share this experience! A good time in perspective! in addition, the discovery box is easy to use.

Wine tasting courses

Generally, wine courses are designed to be followed over time (unlike tasting boxes), by a group of 4 to 10 people.

of an average duration of 6 lessons of approximately 2h00 to 2h30, once a month

The advantages of tasting courses: Flexibility ! you can register freely during the first sessions of the course depending on the places available or if you are already a group of 6 (or more) interested.

Normally, each course is divided into three parts:

  • Knowledge: learning viticulture and oenology
  • Experience: to be a good taster, you have to be curious and immerse your nose and taste buds in various worlds. Fun exercises to sharpen your senses
  • Tasting: depending on the theme of the course, 3 to 5 wines tasted.

Example program:

  1. Course 1: the basics: the 4 seasons of the winemaker, the notion of terroir, how AOC works, how wine is made, the vocabulary of tasting.
  2. Course 2: the major French regions and the main white grape varieties. What is a varietal and the big differences. The combination of terroir and grape variety in white.
  3. Course 3: all the same for the reds!
  4. Course 4: The effervescent. Welcome to the world of bubbles and its mysteries ...
  5. Course 5: Sweet wines and other sweet sweets… Sauternes, Coteaux du Layon, Late harvest… What are the differences?
  6. Course 6: The wines of the world.
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