Cheaper electricity contract, which supplier to choose?

For several years, especially in 2007, the electricity market is open to competition. Thus, it is easier for everyone to change energy supplier in order to benefit from more advantageous rates. However, before moving on to the subscription of their electricity contract, all consumers must check that they have all the information they need to make an informed subscription.

Price, an essential criterion for choosing a supplier

Of course, this is the price of electricity which will tip the balance between the different energy suppliers. For consumers, this will mean that they are able to choose between two separate tariffs, including the regulated tariff speak historical supplier (EDF) or the price set freely by a new supplier competitor. We must know that we have every interest in opting for alternative suppliers offering a rate at kWh much more attractive. In addition, a alternative supplier offers subscriptions at attractive prices thanks to which each consumer can benefit from cheaper electricity and thus save money, while being entitled to a supply quality.

Electricity contract, estimate your energy consumption

One of the criteria to take into account before taking out an electricity contract isestimate of its energy consumption. To choose a supply of electricity inexpensive compatible with each consumer profile, it is essential to make this estimate to facilitate research and easily target the type of contract that may suit their needs in terms of electricity.

The cheapest supplier

"Attractive prices" is one of the likely things to look for in suppliers electricity. Yet it is difficult to establish any real way of choose a supplier the cheapest because each residence is different and does not require the same supply in electricity. This amounts to saying that the electricity contract has to be personal in order to be tailored to everyone's needs. In order to find the cheaper electricity contract, it suffices to base oneself on the price tables of their offers. Good to know: prices change depending on counter of each consumer.

Other points not to be taken lightly

The final price paid to electricity supplier Generally comprises three parts, namely: the tariff for the energy consumed, the transport share and the taxes applicable to energy consumption. In order to compare the offers, each consumer should have estimated the power required to operate the various electrical appliances in their home. In addition to this, the consumer should also think about the appropriateness of the prices full hours and or off-peak hours according to his consumption habits. Indeed, the tariffs offered by electricity suppliers depend on the option chosen as well as the power subscribed. It is quite possible to compare the methods of termination of the contract electricity, the quality of service or the conditions for price revisions.