Top 10 Best Thermal Snow Thrower 2018

Difficult to make a choice for your new Thermal Snow Thrower? We wrote this special buying guide Thermal Snow Blower to help you, with the TOP10 of the best sales of the moment, tests, opinions… Everything to help you choose the best Thermal Snow Thrower!

Our selection of thermal snow throwers

Our # 1 choice
Mcculloch ST 53E Petrol snow thrower 53 cm 179 cc
  • Electric start: easy starting whatever the temperature.
  • Adjustable deflector: allows you to choose the direction in which the snow is thrown.
  • Folding handlebar: allows you to store the machine easily and reduce the bulk
  • Single deck working width (cm): 53 maximum snow height (cm): 33 auger diameter (cm): 20
  • McCulloch engine displacement (cm3): 179 power: 3.8 kw at 3450 rpm cutter: triple thickness electric start adjustable handlebar
Our choice n ° 2
Mcculloch ST 76EP Double stage thermal snow thrower 76 cm 306 cc
  • Double-stage system: the snow is thrown into the housing by a powerful cutter then a turbine propels it into the chimney
  • Power steering: you can disconnect the differential lock and choose the wheel you want to release
  • Electric starter
  • Double deck working width 76 cm tire dimensions 406 mm / 16 "speeds: 6 forward 1ar
  • Fabricant du moteur briggs & stratton moteur snow séries 1450 séries cylindrée 306 cm puissance 5.6 kw contenance du réservoir 3 l
Our choice n ° 3
Mecafer 480400 OTK4002 OUTDOOR
  • Loncin OHV 196cm³ 6.5HP engine, 230V electric starter, self-propelled with 5 forward speeds 2 reverse
  • 230V electric starter
  • Self-propelled with 5 forward gears 2 reverse
Our choice n ° 4
Snowline 46 E Snow Blower, 46 cm Clearance Width and 20 cm Height, Powerful 2000 W Motor, Height Adjustable Handlebar, Adjustable Ejection Channel, Lightweight and Very Handy
  • Single-stage snow thrower with powerful 2000 W electric motor
  • Large snow removal capacity
  • Adjusting the handlebars in height
  • Safety switch (on / off)
  • Convenient carrying handle for easy movement
Our choice n ° 5
Alpina AS 5148 Li Cordless Snow Thrower 48 V Working Width 51 cm, AS 5148 Li
  • Single Stage Cordless Snow Thrower - Snow is absorbed in one stage and is immediately discharged through the ejection channel.
  • Equipped with practical LED lights, ideal for snow removal at dusk.
  • Fast working progress with a large width of 51 cm and a height of 30 cm.
  • Thanks to its low weight, the AS 5148 is easy to handle and can also be used on the roof or balcony.
  • Battery and charger are not included in delivery.
Our choice n ° 6
Alpina white snow thrower 18–2801–42
  • Working width: 45 cm.
  • Power: 1.8 kW.
  • Worm transmission.
  • Adjustable ejection channel.
  • Handy.
PromoOur choice n ° 7
Greenworks Souffleuse à neige à batterie GD40ST (Li-Ion 40V 51cm largeur de travail temps de travail jusqu'à 20 minutes puissant moteur sans balais sans batterie et sans chargeur)
  • FACILE À DÉMARRER - Insérez une batterie de 40V et démarrez : avec la souffleuse à batterie sans fil, commencez immédiatement à déblayer la neige - batterie et chargeur non inclus
  • SÛR ET FACILE À MANIPULER- Équipée d'une lumière LED pour les heures sombres le matin ou tôt le soir et de roues en plastique robuste pour les surfaces lisses
  • PERFORMANTE - La batterie de notre souffleuse à neige convainc avec le moteur sans balais DigiPro qui offre 30 % de puissance en plus et une plus longue durée de fonctionnement. Produit peu de bruit et de vibrations
  • POLYVALENTE - Très grande largeur de travail de 51 cm ainsi qu'une profondeur de déblaiement de 15 cm - la goulotte peut être facilement tourné de 180 degrés et projette la neige jusqu'à 5,5 m
  • UNE BATTERIE POUR TOUS - Les batteries 40V Greenworks de 2Ah jusqu’à 4Ah en puissance sont polyvalentes et compatibles avec de nombreux produits Greenworks de jardinage et d’atelier
Our choice n ° 8
Fraise à Neige ST 4048 Energyflex
  • Avec une seule charge de batterie, déblayez des surfaces jusqu’à 200m² (batterie et chargeur non inclus)
  • Largeur de déneigement de 48cm, hauteur de déblaiement de 20cm, et projection jusqu'à 6m
  • Canal d’éjection manuellement orientable - 180°
  • Guidon doté d’une gaine de protection confortable
  • Pratique: projecteur LED inclus. Stockage très peu encombrant
Our choice n ° 9
Alpina 18–2812–41 Snow thrower, white
  • Working width 46 cm
  • 1.7 kW
  • 2, 2 PS at 3600 rpm
  • Traction Art Worm
  • Adjustable ejection bay
Our choice n ° 10
Fraise à neige à essence AGT :Fraise à neige SB-420.b, 2 kW (2,8 CV), 46 cm de large (appareil de déneigement)
  • Force de trois chevaux :La pelle à neige libère immédiatement votre allée - Portée maximale du jet :10 m - Tube d'éjection rotatif à 180 °.
  • Pelle à neige à moteur avec son moteur 4 temps - Vitesse de rotation maximale :2000 tr/min. - Tube d'éjection rotatif à 180 ° - Capacité du réservoir à essence :1,6 L - Autonomie : jusqu'à 3 heures.
  • 46 cm de large, 28 cm de haut - Puissance de 2 kW (2,8 CV) - Câble de démarrage - Dimensions : environ50 x 90 x 100 cm.
  • Portée maximale du jet :10 m - Volume :100 dBA - Moteur à essence 4 temps 98 cm3 - Poids :26,1 kg.
  • Fraise à neige à moteur - Mode d'emploi inclus (en langue allemande).Fraise à neige autopropulsée.-

Thermal snow thrower buying guide

When winter comes, there is also the mission of clearing snow from the driveway or the garden so that the children can play, or to clear the passage in front of his garage in order to get out his car. It can quickly become difficult to complete this task if you are not well equipped. The thermal snow thrower is a device that will solve all your problems in winter. It is efficient and fast, as long as you choose it well. Discover in this comparison and buying guide all the important criteria to help you choose the best thermal snow thrower.

How does a thermal snow thrower work?

The thermal snow thrower is a gasoline snow plow model. There are electric models, which are very popular, and gasoline models. The thermal snow thrower is therefore a device recommended for all people who wish to remove snow from a large area, who live in an area where it snows regularly, who want a powerful device and who wish to eject snow more than 10 meters.

In other words, the thermal snow thrower is best suited for heavy use and thicker snow. Generally, it has a 2 or 4 stroke engine, as well as a displacement expressed in cm3. It operates using a launcher and / or a starter depending on the model.

To clear snow from your driveway or garden, the thermal snow thrower easily clears the surface thanks to its high power, which is between 6 and 14 HP. It also has a large size, and remains efficient in all circumstances. According to the tests carried out, the thermal snow thrower is very effective in removing snow in mountainous areas. With such a device, you will therefore have nothing to fear when winter is on its way. Even if there is a large mass of snow, you know that removing it won't take you long with the best thermal snow thrower.

How to choose your thermal snow thrower?

Specific criteria will help you choose the best thermal snow thrower for your needs. What matters most, however, is the size, power and the various options for optimal user comfort.

Be aware, for example, that there are single-stage thermal snow throwers which are best suited for clearing fine snow. To evacuate this snow, this device uses an expulsion neck. However, its downside is the slowness in carrying out the action. In addition, the device can easily get stuck in the face of different layers of snow. But there are also the 2-stage snow throwers which are equipped with a turbine that ejects the snow thanks to drums. They are much more powerful, faster and are ideal for intensive use and on large surfaces.

Which brings you back to the second criterion for selecting the best thermal snow thrower: power. This should depend on the area of ??the land you want to clear. Indeed, if it is a large area, you certainly need a rear-wheel drive model. The only downside is that this type of device is very loud and sometimes heavy. However, if you want to effectively remove snow from the front of your garage, driveway or garden.

And finally, there are also the different comfort options that must be taken into account. This includes the power steering, emergency stop button, integrated heated grips, etc. Finally, everything that allows you to efficiently, easily and comfortably use your thermal snow thrower. These options generally differ from manufacturer to manufacturer. Also, to choose the best thermal snow thrower, do not hesitate to take a test to see all the features offered with your device.

Among these options and features, controls are very important. They allow you to easily maneuver your snowplow. The lighthouse is also useful, it is a reliable element of security. Indeed, in winter, people go out very early to go to work and the days are known to be short. A directional lever is also beneficial to you, as this will make it easier to steer the snow you are removing. Usually there are two different levers: the one for the ejection distance and the one for the snow discharge side.

There are a whole host of options you can consider when choosing the best thermal snow thrower. Just try to remember that it would be best to have as many options as possible to make your job easier. So, based on this comparison, you can only be led to choose the best device for your needs. You just have to put the budget corresponding to the model of your choice.

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